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Fire Tech is the UK’s leading provider of tech education extra-curriculars.  We are an entrepreneurial, creative team, driven by a mission to inspire and support the next generation of innovators.  We want to equip young people with tech tools that will help them solve problems, communicate and create for tomorrow.  To do this, we need great teachers, tutors, curriculum developers, designers, and more.  Get in touch if you’d like to know more about any of the roles below, or if there are other ways that we might be able to work together!

  • Unreal Engine Remote Camp Tutor

    • Location: Global
    • / Type: Temporary

    We are looking for fantastic Remote tutors to join the team as soon as possible! It is super flexible and you can be based anywhere around the world, check…



If you have a course coming up use the login details for the student that is going to attend, on the computer they will be using.

Don't see a login for your child?
Please check you have assigned them to the course you booked and contact us for help if needed.