Why Fire Tech

There’s a reason we’re the UK’s no.1 in tech education

With over 7 years of experience and having run expert programmes with over 70,000 students across the world, there is a reason that Fire Tech is the UK’s leading name in tech education. 

Our model of creative, fun, challenging project-based learning gives students the perfect environment to flourish – whatever their tech background. Their learning is guided by the enthusiasm and expertise of our tutors, drawn from the UK’s leading universities.

“I’ve always wanted to create an app that did restaurant reviews. And I finally got the chance to do it. It was so exciting. Fire Tech makes me think bigger. I’m limitless.”

Memaan, Fire Tech student aged 12

Cutting-edge curricula

The tech world moves fast. That’s why we ensure we include the latest technologies in our courses – from artificial intelligence to robotics, and virtual reality to cyber security. Your child can choose from over 30 courses and use tools from Adobe, IBM Watson, Python, Unity and more. They’ll create their own final project and take home an official Fire Tech certificate complete with instructor insights.


With Fire Tech, your child will always be ahead of the game.


Expert tutors

Our tutors are our secret sauce – and they love inspiring the next generation of young innovators!

We hire them from the UK’s leading universities and give them DBS checks and rigorous training to offer your child the best possible learning experience.


World-leading campuses

Learn in the breathtaking surroundings of some of the world’s leading schools and universities, from the University of Cambridge to Imperial College London, and Manchester University to Wycombe Abbey

We know that location matters – and we want our Fire Techies to learn in environments that inspire.


Never more than 8 students per tutor

At Fire Tech, your child benefits from highly personalised learning with max 8 students max per tutor. Whatever their level, our tutors will give them the dedicated attention they need to thrive.


Trusted by leading companies and governments

We work with partners across the world, from corporates and governments to civil society organisations. 

Our partners include some of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon and Barclays.

These partnerships help us to scale our reach and impact and extend quality tech education to as wide a group of young people as possible.


A leader in Digital Intelligence (DQ) education

We are an official adopter of the the DQ Institute’s DQ Seal, which represents Global Standards for digital literacy, skills and readiness.

Digital Intelligence (DQ) is a comprehensive set of technical, cognitive, meta-cognitive, and socio-emotional competencies that are grounded in universal moral values and that enable individuals to face the challenges and harness the opportunities of digital life.




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