Teen Coding With Java

Meet Java, the language that powers Android phones and the world’s best selling video game, Minecraft. Challenging, interactive and lots of fun, students will be taught key Java programming concepts and how to apply them in exciting ways.

Led by our code-loving instructors, students will be taught key programming concepts and how to apply them in exciting ways. They will start by learning how to use Java as a general-purpose tool to solve maths and other problems, discover the role of Java in the multi-billion-dollar tech industry and along the way learn the skills they need to build their own projects at home.

Using industry-standard tools, students will learn how to set up their own projects and develop them further independently.
Students will be introduced to the concepts of Object-Oriented Programming through Classes and Objects, ideas that have underpinned virtually all major programming projects for the last 30+ years. These concepts are also fundamental to the way that Java as a language functions.

Challenging, interactive, and lots of fun, this course does more than just teach the fundamentals. It unlocks the world of programming for young people – and sparks the interest that makes them want to keep on exploring it.




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