Senior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence – Duke of Edinburgh Award Approved

Led by our tech-loving instructors, you’ll create a home of the future using Artificial Intelligence (AI), program an autonomous vehicle to avoid pedestrians and objects on the road, and use IBM Watson to build a series of AI models that can recognize a celebrity Twitter account based on their tweets. The possibilities are endless. 

This course does more than teach the fundamentals of AI. It also explores issues of computer bias, ethics and the moral dilemmas programmers face when using AI. This is the ideal course to spark interest in this important and dynamic technological field, and will inspire students to continue their learning journey in AI. 

This is a 12 week After School course which matches the requirements of the skills component of the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. If you are taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, let us know and the tutor will provide the appropriate assessment required at the end of the course.


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