Python with Minecraft

Minecraft is an engaging environment that allows fans of all ages to exercise their creative powers, make exciting worlds and populate them with creatures and objects. One of the neat features of Minecraft is that it is possible to “hack” the Minecraft game with real Python code. Our students use Python to automate the building of huge structures, code shortcuts, and build a “game within the game”.

Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages it is used by everyone from companies that are household names such as Instagram, Dropbox and Pinterest through to schools and colleges teaching the programming aspects of GCSE, A-Level and Degree Level Computer Science Courses. This course will help introduce students to the language in a fun, enjoyable way. Our Tutors will teach students how to set up a server on their local machine that will allow them to write Python code which will have an effect in the Minecraft world.

Over the course of the week, the students will program a number of elements in Minecraft using Python. This will build up to them creating a project on the final day, which may be an interactive game within Minecraft, it might be a huge structure that will be created at the snap of their fingers or it may be something imaginative which we haven’t even thought of.  



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