Junior Adventures In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in tech right now and is already having a significant impact on our lives. Want to know how a computer named ‘Deep Blue’ beat a chess grandmaster over twenty years ago? Or how the AI behind AlphaGo beat the best human ‘GO’ player in the world?

Get introduced to the amazing world of AI! Build your own AI models using sound, numbers, text and images, using the latest super-smart technology!

Learn how to create complex AI models. Create a celebrity response bot, make and then train a video game to play itself, and even create a friendly alien detector all on this new course!

This is an excellent choice for children interested in technology, coding and AI. Absolutely no previous programming knowledge is required. It is perfect for beginners who are curious to learn more about one of the hottest and most dynamic tech topics around!




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