HackLab Computer Club Junior

HackLab Club is your One-Stop all-purpose computer club. If you just love technology in general but you’re not quite sure what you’re really interested in, this is the place for you.

From coding video games to producing music, and from designing websites to creating stunning digital art, this super casual and extra fun course will give you a wide-ranging skillset you can use to jumpstart your tech journey!

HackLab Club uses mostly online software so downloads are kept to a minimum.

Led by our highly entertaining, friendly and knowledgeable tutors, you’ll find this is a great place to embed yourself in the Fire Tech community and discover your passion.




If you have a course coming up use the login details for the student that is going to attend, on the computer they will be using.

Don't see a login for your child?
Please check you have assigned them to the course you booked and contact us for help if needed.