Robotics Languages for Kids

” The consumer robotic market is expected to reach a total market size of $14.9 billion from 2023 – that’s a lot of opportunity. “

Our workspaces, our homes, our hospitals and our transport systems: already, robotics is beginning to have a huge influence on how we live, and it’s only going to grow bigger and bigger. From surgery to aeronautics, automotives to agriculture, the future will be transformed by the power of robots.

But what role can you play, and how do you get started? We’ve collected a list of the best options for beginning your journey into robotics, based on your age and interests. Read more below.

Choosing the right platform to learn robotics

PHOTO: OzoBlockly


Suitable for beginners aged nine and over, OzoBlockly gives you the power to control your Ozobot – a pocket-sized robot that you can program to move along colour-coded lines, twisting and turning in the direction you order them. Friendly and accessible but with the right balance of learning and challenge, Ozobots are a quick and effective way to learn the basics of robotics.

PHOTO: Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms

Lego Mindstorms is one of the most popular robotic platforms in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. For kids aged nine to twelve who want to design, code and build robots ranging from the simple to the complex, the platform lets you piece together your robot and program its ‘brain’ via an easy to use interface. Physical computing, inputs, outputs and programming: this platform is perfect for learning it all.



Ideal for ages twelve and over, VEX IQ robotics teaches kids the fundamentals of robotics using C-based programming language ROBOTC. From inputs to outputs to coding to engineering, VEX is a great platform for building your robotics knowledge – and their challenges are perfect for putting your skills to the test.

Vivi's Robotics Journey

Before Fire Tech

Vivi's only experience with a robot was watching a YouTube video at school. She thought a tech camp would be "theory based and pretty bland." 

After Fire Tech

Now that Vivi has engineered robots to self-park and follow her commands, she's dreaming of bigger things. Vivi wants to program robots that will support blind people in their everyday lives.

PHOTO: Vivi's Robotics Journey
PHOTO: UK's #1 Tech Camp for Kids play-button

UK's #1 Tech Camp for Kids

Robotics Jobs

  • Robotics Solution Architect
  • Automation Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Intelligent Systems Engineer
  • Technical Design Engineer
  • Robotics Research Software Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Software and Control Systems Engineer

Meet Josh

Josh (on the right) is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from Imperial College London. His passion is using technology to solve real-world problems, co-founding a start-up to do just that. But he still makes time to teach Fire Tech's robotics courses because he loves inspiring the next generation of mechanical engineers!

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