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Programme. Compile. Debug.


Learn one of the world’s most popular coding languages and set yourself up for a thriving future in tech. Under the expert guidance of one of our tutors, who have studied and taught at places like Boston University, Imperial College and the University of Cambridge, you’ll build skills, make friends and tackle bold, challenging projects – learning everything you need to keep creating at home.

// So why Fire Tech?


Fire Tech have delivered over 14,000 courses to many happy students


We maintain an 8:1 student to tutor ratio to ensure every child gets the attention they need


Over 30 exclusive courses designed to educate, entertain and inspire the next generation of innovators


100% of our tutors are trained and background checked. We recruit top talent from universities like Imperial College and Cambridge.

Featured Coding Courses

Inspiring tutors. Incredible locations. Next-level learning experiences. Join us for a coding course that could change your life — and maybe the world.


Ages 9-12

Instagram. Spotify. Pinterest. All built on Python. This beginner’s course gives bright young minds a head-start on one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages.

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Coding Games
with Java

Ages 12-17

Master key computing concepts and coding basics. Students will use Java and the Greenfoot library to learn computer science theory, syntax, and object oriented coding.

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Teen Coding
with Python

Ages 14-17

Get familiar with Python, one of the most widely-used and widely-taught programming languages in senior schools, universities and businesses, and learn to code from the ground up.

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Teen Coding
with Python

Ages 14-17

Get to grips with one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages in an inspiring, encouraging, all-girl environment on this new course.

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Teen Coding
With Python

Ages 14-17

Take your coding further with this second step in learning Python. This course builds on the Python fundamentals covered in the Teen Coding with Python course. 

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3D Game
with Unity

Ages 14-17

Get started in 3D Game Development with Unity, the most popular tool among game developers. Students develop 3D characters and environments to create interactive experiences. 

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Ages 12-17

Get started in web development by learning HTML and CSS, the building blocks of websites, to create your own slick, responsive web pages. 

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Python and
with Minecraft

Ages 12-17

Learn Python Coding and electronics from the ground up by using one of the most popular gaming platforms on the planet: Minecraft.

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teen coding london

"I learnt so much and the course has definitely made me consider studying computer science and coding in the future."

Aaniya, Teen student

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