Winton Capital Donates Big To Help Kids Get Into Tech!

The Fire Tech Camp scholarship programme has just received a huge boost from Winton Capital Management, a London-based investment manager. Thanks to their generous £10,000 donation, we hope to fund 20 to 40 more campers through Fire Tech Camp courses and workshops!

It’s fundamentally important to everyone at Fire Tech Camp that we encourage as many young people as possible to access the latest in computer science, especially equipment and concepts that lie outside the scope of most mainstream education. That’s why we’ve branched out to new cities this summer (Manchester, Bristol and Brighton) and why we’re always expanding our curriculum with exciting new activities and materials.

The scholarship programme is a part of that same ethos to spread the creative opportunities of Fire Tech Camp as widely as possible. The company behind our latest donation – Winton – operate with a deep commitment to the scientific method, meaning that they actively seek to support the latest in technology education and research. We’re hugely grateful that they recognise the efforts of Fire Tech Camp in these areas and are happy to support us in our mission to empower young people with digital technology. Robin Eggar, Winton’s Head of Communications, said: “At Winton we love maths and science. The company has always been committed to actively encouraging research and education as well as engaging the public in how better to understand risk. It is very important for all our futures that young people are given as much opportunity as possible to embrace and engage with computer technology.” Hear, hear!

There’s a lot for potential applicants to get involved with, including coding, rapid prototyping, web development, robotics, photography, game design, electronics and animation. If you’re interested, please browse the courses section to decide which one you will get the most out of.

How To Apply

If you’re an aspiring maker, programmer or games designer aged between 9 and 17 and one of our programmes has caught your techie eye, but you need some financial support , then please get in touch! We ask applicants to tell us why they would like to attend and what they think the knowledge and skills attained through Fire Tech Camp would bring them. We’d love to hear from you, preferably through a short video. You can submit your application on the scholarships section of our website.

A Message To Teachers

Any teachers and educators, if you know a student or group of students who would benefit from our programme, then please recommend them to us and pass on the information about our camps and our scholarships. We may even be able to organise a special event to suit their needs. Contact us on

Support our Scholarship Programme

We welcome any donation, large or small to our scholarship programme. It’s important to us to make our courses accessible to as many young people as possible and we hope to be able to welcome many more as we continue to raise money for the scholarship fund. If you’re interested in supporting us with a financial donation, please get in touch with Jill on



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