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What is play-based learning and why is it important?

We are always finding new and inventive ways to encourage our children to learn, and we know they learn better when they are given the opportunities to engage in hands-on activities. Through play, our children can explore concepts and lessons in a way that they can understand. Continue reading to find out what play-based learning is and how we incorporate it in a Fire Tech virtual classroom.

What is play-based learning? 

Play-based learning is a way of learning that is child-led and open-ended. This means that the child can take ownership of how and what they learn while the teacher or tutor acts as a guide. The teacher supports the students’ learning to help them build on the knowledge they already have. This allows each child to explore concepts and materials based on their own growth and development. Play-based learning generally applies to young students, but all students can benefit from learning that is fun and interactive!

What are the benefits of play-based learning?

The way the day is structured on a course at Fire Tech, the tutor is constantly encouraging children to take an active role in their learning. To better understand this, we would like to share the benefits of play-based learning:

  • Improves confidence, and social skills – As students engage more with their peers, their social skills improve, and students learn to collaborate and engage in discussions with their peers about the work that they are completing. 
  • Increases imaginative play and learning – Imaginations run wild when children are given the space to explore materials and concepts independently. Play-based learning encourages students to think critically about what they are learning. 
  • Keep engagement levels high – Having fun is essential to keeping students engaged with what they are learning. When students are engaged in their learning, they are more self-motivated and retain the information longer. 
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how do fire tech teach through play?

Technology is all around us and our children’s use for tech in education and everyday life increases every year. By integrating technology into everyday education, we are providing students with the opportunity to develop the skills they need for the future. We are also providing them with fun, interactive learning that helps them to build the skills they will need to be successful in school subjects. The way we best support student learning is by: 

  • Small class sizes – Supporting collaboration and enrich peer-to-peer interactions by learning in smaller groups of up to 8 students.
  • Students build their own project – Improve problem-solving skills by working independently on projects and not relying on text-books or formal learning. 
  • Activities are scheduled – Activities, games, and breaks are included throughout the day. Children get especially excited for Kahoot quizzes and Pictionary.
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Learn with Fire Tech

Our world is growing more digital every day. We must educate and prepare children to be successful in the digital world. We do this by providing engaging courses that allow each child to explore concepts, and topics, in a way that interests them. Through play, children can really grasp and understand the depths and complexities of what can be achieved. When our children are entertained and engaged, the long-term outcomes are incredible, leading to successes in school, university, and beyond! View upcoming Fire Tech courses.



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