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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Tech-Loving Kids

The world of gifts for a tech-savvy youngster can be like finding a needle in a haystack but don’t worry, we have you covered!  From an Ultimate Spy Coder bundle to a 3D Printing Pen to a Robot that can beatbox and dance, at Fire Tech, we believe the more inventive the better and we’ve got some fantastic Christmas gift ideas that fit the bill. 

During the winter season, we want to ensure young people are making, getting creative, and most of all having fun with the whole family. Continue reading as we’ve rounded up the best tech gifts to buy young people this Christmas.

1. Ultimate Spy Coder Bundle (Ages 7-11) £34.99

Get the ultimate spy experience. Immerse your kid in the Children’s Spy Agency with the award-winning Agent Asha:Shark Bytes book, the spy starter activity pack and full set of spy training modules, plus access to our online world. Mapped to the UK coding curriculum, this is everything you need to become an Elite Agent of the Children’s Spy Agency.

2. Customisable glow-in-the-dark t-shirt (Ages 3+) £15.95

This fantastic present means that one t-shirt can transform your child’s imagination into an unlimited amount of t-shirts. The t-shirt comes with a glow pen your child can use to draw glow-in-the-dark designs. And even if you got the whole family the same present, each one would be completely different and each design lasts for 5 minutes so you never get bored!

3. VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch (Ages 4-12) £38

The VTech Kidizoom Dual Camera Smart Watch comes in more colours to suit your child’s preference. This watch encourages children to be active with an augmented reality adventure. The watch is able to take pictures, video and even includes a voice recorder so your child can feel like the ultimate spy!

4. GeoSafari Talking Globe (Ages 4+) £115

Explore all the wonders of the world using a globe and a smartpen! This talking globe includes over 10 hours of audio so that your child can just touch the globe and find out about the continent, countries, animals, and much more. With over 1000 facts to learn, your child can learn more about the world we live in from their very own home!

5. Astronaut starter kit (Ages 5+) £22.05

Using the power of pumps, your child can now blast into space with this starter kit by KiwiCo. Learn some fantastic facts and let your kids delve deeper into their space curiosity.

6. Lego BOOST Creative Toolbox (Ages 7 – 12)  £149.99

Building and coding all in one game! One game that can build 5 different robots including a car, a cat and a guitar. Bring your creation to life and code your own engineering product using an app. Each of the 5 robots have their own features like beatboxing, dancing, feeding, shooting targets. Find out all the options.

7. Fire Tech Unlimited Membership (Ages 8 – 17)  £200

Our new Fire Tech membership gives all the children in your family access to unlimited experiences, self guided projects, and tech help clinics. Now your child can learn sought-after skills with their brothers and sisters.

8. Sphero App controlled Robotic Ball (Ages 8+) £39.99

Learn to code in a fun way using this mini robot. Control the ball using an app on your phone or use the ball as a game controller. This versatile robot live sensor, bluetooth connection and up to 45 minutes of playtime.

9. Portable smart projector (Ages 12+) £105.49

A fantastic option for the kids is Apeman’s Mini HD movie projector. Includes amp dual speakers so that your kids can have the cinema experience from the comfort of their own home and where you can keep an eye on them! The projector is able to connect to your mobile phone device, computer, games console and laptops/PCs.

10. 3D Playpen (Ages 13+) £49.98

Build your own 3D models using just a pen. This Polaroid Playpen comes with an additional filament box of 20. Create stencils out of photographs or glue various pieces together to build an ultimate model! Use multiple colours to 2D and 3D shapes.




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