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Tips For Parents Working From Home

Dear Parent Community,

We understand this is a busy time for you, we are confined to our homes, schools are closed and kids are demanding your full attention. 

We have put together some useful tips for you to ease the pressure of being the parent and teacher all in one.

  • Stay positive: The Happy News shares positive news for kids and families. They have shared some great free interactive resources for kids to stay positive.
  • Keep routines: EdSurge shares how to keep school rhythm and routines for young children at home. Or you can create a great schedule like a pro using this useful tool. 
  • Get inspired: Take a look at TedEd. These are small educational Ted Talks for kids – that you can enjoy too!
  • Stay active and creative: Register your kids for free online classes like The Body Coachs fitness classes on YouTube. Take a look there’s loads of free resources for you too.
  • Look after your mental wellbeing: This blog shares a guide and this here shares advice and resources for families to support mental wellbeing. 
  • Stay safe on the internet: We understand with children’s lessons being remote, internet safety is more important than ever. Childnet has put together these online safety activities you can do from home.
  • Free online hackathons: Our expert team is now running free online hackathon sessions three times a week. This allows children to be taught live for one hour, a challenge is then set for them to complete using these new skills learnt.

Let’s keep being resilient. We hope to help kids, parents, educators and all our wider community get through the next few weeks as safely and creatively as possible. 

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Take care,

The Fire Tech team



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