The Remote Camp Experience: Hear From Junior Student

This week, we caught up with Olivia, a 12-year-old Fire Tech Camper, who attended our Junior Artificial Intelligence week-long remote learning course last week.

What did you create/make/build/code this week?

“We made a few different things this week. My main project that I worked on was coding a quiz and we used a program called p5 which I haven’t used before. We were able to create different versions with keys and voice recognition too.”

What’s the most surprising thing you learnt from your teacher this week?

“Everything! When I was thinking about A.I. and doing this course, I wondered if we were going to be using computers or an app and then the teacher told us we were using coding – which was exciting. I got into thinking more about what A.I. is and how it works.”

How different is it learning at Fire Tech to learning at school?

“At school, our computing teachers give us normal boring stuff but nothing like A.I. I’m way more excited and interested in AI. I would love to learn more things about A.I. at school. The class sizes are smaller too which makes it more fun.”

How do you think the things you have learned at Fire Tech will help you at school?

“I think it will help me to learn more advanced things in the future.”

Do you think it’s important for children to learn about technology? Why?

“Yes 100%! I think that in the future, all schools should teach computer science and coding. I think it’s the most important thing for kids to know especially from a young age, it makes it easy for when we get older.”

What would you say to a child/teen who is a tech beginner but is thinking of coming to Fire Tech?

“It’s really good experience, you learn loads of new things and make new friends – like I did with Evie! The course was all very prepared and everything that my tutor taught us was really interesting and fun.”

Fire Tech’s remote camps have a maximum of eight students to one teacher, are taught live by expert tutors from the UK’s leading universities, and give young people access to world-class technology courses. Discover our remote courses booking now.

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