The Remote Camp Experience: Hear From Junior A.I. Student

We caught up with Evie, an 11-year-old Fire Tech Camper, who joined one of our Python Online Hackathons last week, and has just finished our Junior Artificial Intelligence week-long remote learning course this week.

Her Father told us, “It is fantastic what Fire Tech are doing. I’m especially impressed about how we’ve been able to transition to online so quickly and it’s been a great experience!”

What did you create/make/build/code this week?

“I made a few things this week, a snake game, where you had to move it to get to the food – one version created with voice recognition and the second one using keys. The project I worked on at the end of the week was a coronavirus detector app in java script that listens to you your type of breathing if it’s fast it will detect you having the virus, if you’re coughing or sneezing etc and tells you if you have the symptoms.”

What’s the most surprising thing you learnt from your teacher this week?

“I didn’t think we’d be teaching computers in AI – I was very excited when we were heard we were going to be doing that!”

How different is it learning at Fire Tech to learning at school?

“Don’t tell school this, but I definitely enjoy Fire Tech more than school. At school we don’t really use advanced things and kids in my class aren’t good at coding and we don’t have a coding teacher. We just have our main teacher. Here we have a proper teaching and we’re learning specific things that are more advanced. I like a challenge.”

How do you think the things you have learned at Fire Tech will help you at school?

“I would like to plan an AI lesson, I’ve already started making a lesson plan for my teacher and a slide show.”

Have you thought about what you want to go on and study when they leave school? Has this changed since being at Fire Tech camp?

“Yes I have! I’ve planned where I want to work and I’ve even planned my college. I’d like to go to MIT and then work at Boston Dynamics in America. If I can’t do that then I’ll probably ask to work at Fire Tech.”

Do you think it’s important for children to learn about technology? Why?

“It would be a very useful life skill for when you’re older and if people ask you a question you can help them by problem solving. You could also use it in your job like my Dad does, he uses javascript and I think it would be easier if you learnt how to do it as a child.”

What would you say to a child/teen who is a tech beginner but is thinking of coming to Fire Tech?


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