The brands who used tech to connect us during lockdown

Last week marked the 100th day since the UK has been in lockdown. Carrying out the majority of our daily activities in an enclosed space can be a strange feeling. Frustrating for some and relaxing for others, either way, it is starting to feel monotonous for most of us. 

We want to inject colour and expression back into your day-to-day by highlighting campaigns, brands and people that are sparking creativity during the lockdown. The following stories and projects have been handpicked to inspire you to get creative in confinement. Join us to #CreateYourSummer.

Visual Art 

COVID Art Museum is a collaborative digital museum dedicated to expressing feelings, stories, and perceptions about Covid-19. Anybody from around the world can submit a piece for publication. Carefully chosen artworks and displayed in their Instagram gallery. The COVID Art Museum is not the only platform collecting coronavirus-related artworks. It is an idea you could do on your own Instagram feed. 

Image from : Covid Art Museum Instagram


If you missed live bands or concerts in the park during isolation, the BBC Lockdown Orchestra is one to mention. As part of a ten-day creative challenge, BBC Lockdown orchestra got people from all over the country to record and upload their talents. Uploads were combined to create an amazing virtual performance. A variety of abilities were included, from dance to sign language, which shows you do not need to be a professional musician to pull something like this off. If you are interested in recreating this experience at home, you can follow the instructions here.

Image from : Evening Standard


We all love a good story, especially a relatable one. Fighting Words, a youth writing organisation launched a writing project that welcomed contributions from all ages to co-create a book with them while maintaining social distancing. The project Global Writing Lockdown will be a collection of different forms of writings from around the world. You could do something similar by getting friends and family to contribute their stories to a homemade paperback. 


Historic England launched ‘Picturing Lockdown’, a collection where people of the public shared images of their life during lockdown to create “unique time capsule for the future”. Alongside photos from contemporary artists and Historic England photographers, the collection is aimed to spark conversations about individuals and their lives during the lockdown. This might be a great time to update your family photo books with photos that express this distinctive time in your life. 


During the coronavirus pandemic, theatres were shut and working together became almost impossible. However, A YouTuber and a New York-based filmmaker, Eric Tabach and Christian Nilsson found a way to work together to produce a zero-budget movie that topped the US box office. Their film Unsubscribe, a 29-minute horror movie was shot entirely on the video-conferencing app Zoom. It goes to show that constraints drive creativity and you can create magic with the tools you already have. 

Image from: IMDB Unsubscribed 2020


PE Joe from Body Coach TV on YouTube decided to become the ‘nation’s PE teacher’ the day lockdown was announced in the UK. For the last 13 weeks, Joe has provided daily exercise lessons to keep the nation’s children fit and healthy during the lockdown. The fitness guru even went the extra mile to donate profits from his YouTube PE sessions to the NHS. Joe is a testament that you do not need a lot of room or tools to get fit, and you can do good for others at the same time. 


Since the pandemic began, face masks have quite literally become a must-have fashion accessory. Foundation for Change is conscious that not everyone can afford or access protective face wear. The foundation partnered with London-based fashion designer Thomas Tait to create a user-friendly protective face mask that can be downloaded and printed at home. Time to get creative and fashion-forward by creating face masks for the people you love. 


Looking after your mental health is a daily task, more so in the uncertainty of a pandemic. Future Learn, a digital education platform has put together a variety of free online courses to support your mental health in lockdown. The courses do not serve as a cure but can offer information which you can use to help yourself and others feel more in control during difficult times. The coping tools and strategies you learn could improve your mindset and help you find innovative ways to manage your mental wellbeing. 

Image from: Future Learn


The Board Game Remix Kit is a games company that has provided free downloadable resources designed to help you re-invent the boards and pieces of games you might already own. So if you played Monopoly one too many times or just getting tired of ‘guessing who’, it could be time to remix your family quarantine game nights. 

Image from: Polygon


The lockdown caused a massive shift, and many of us had to work from home. To communicate and continue working together, video conferencing apps became a necessity. The technology has been a life-saver but video calls can get pretty dull. Lucky for us, Snap Camera offers thousands of filters to add fun and expression to virtual meetings. It has saved me from a bad hair day and brought out laughter in awkward networking situations. There is even a whole filter section dedicated to working from home so you can replace your dirty laundry in the background with a professional setting. 


Although lockdown is easing in some areas, some days it can be a real chore to stock up the pantry. Here comes SuperCook to the rescue, it is a free app that suggests recipes for even the barest of fridges. All you have to do is add the ingredients you have and Supercook instantly finds matching recipes from the most popular cooking websites. Time to get creative with the random assortment of ingredients from your fridge for tonight’s dinner. 


Schools and universities across the globe were forced to shut, leaving millions of students to rely on distance learning. A team of 18 students took this opportunity to share daily videos to educate and inspire other students. The StudyTube Project is the brainchild of final year Durham English literature student, Jack Edwards. The project believes that any young person with a good idea and a recording device can get involved and share their knowledge. All ages and backgrounds are welcome to apply their online form

Image from: Ten Eighty Magazine

About the writer:
Rose graduated with BA (Hons) in Media and Communication from Oxford Brookes University and MSc Innovation from the University of Bristol. She has been facilitating fun learning experiences for young people for about 7 years. Currently, she teaches Junior Coder and Video Game Design at Fire Tech. Connect with her here.



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