An Interview With Corey Ellis-Johnson A Roblox Games Designer

During our recent intensive week-long courses, we interviewed guest experts, who provided students with some extra inspiration during their lunchtimes. All of whom are working in the robotics, game design and tech education industries. This interview is with Corey Ellis-Johnson a freelance game designer at Roblox – a global platform where millions of people gather together […]


How To Become A Video Game Designer

As the world has become more reliant on remote settings, new technologies, and virtual worlds, video games have become more popular than ever. Video games enchant us with curiosity and exploration. They can transport us to different worlds without the typical limits of physical movement. With the video game industries growing popularity, the demand for […]


Get Your Game On!

We all know that video games aren’t just fun, and occasionally even educational – they’re also big business. Already in 2009 video games were outselling films in Britain, a trend unlikely to have reversed since then. Today there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about one of my favourite video games, Minecraft. I […]



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