An Interview With Preeti Singh A Tech Innovator at Virgin Media

During our recent intensive week-long courses, we interviewed guest experts, who provided students with some extra inspiration during their lunchtimes. All of whom are working in the robotics, game design, and telecoms industries.  MEET PREETI  Preeti is an educational and creative technologist and works at the intersection of internet technology and innovation. She is a […]


The 2021 Tech Trends Shaping Our Kid’s Futures

The pandemic was a catalyst for many tech trends that were already creeping into the mainstream. With technologies such as 5G promising faster connection speeds, artificial intelligence (AI) supporting our decision making and advancements in our beloved IoT gadgets, we wonder how things might play out in our children’s futures for education, work, security and […]


AI Industry Expert Interview Series

Kids are making, coding and learning all about the hottest tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Fire Tech’s brand-new online courses Junior Adventures In Artificial Intelligence and Senior Adventures In Artificial Intelligence. To spark interest and continue inspiring kids and teens, Fire Tech’s UK Country Manager Ed Halliday interviews three experts currently working in the AI […]


Meet the expert: Prof. Michael Luck, King’s College London, AI and machine learning expert

This week, we spoke to Professor Michael Luck, Professor in Computer Science at King’s College London, about the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on young people. How will AI and machine learning impact kids under 18? AI and machine learning will impact the future of all of us – but the kids will […]


Encourage your kids to become experts in machine learning!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) defines an area of computing where intelligent machines think, work and react like humans. Machine learning is a subset of AI and defines intelligent machines which also learn. In machine learning, human programmers create and control the context and parameters of an initial algorithm which is designed to recognise patterns from huge […]


“All you need is an open mind”: Meet the instructor delivering Fire Tech’s Saturday classes

Fire Tech Crew is our 10-week Saturday programme for 9-12 year olds starting September 16th until December 2nd in Notting Hill, London. In this exploratory programme students jump start their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) journey as our specialist tutors bring subjects to life for two hours in the morning or the afternoon […]



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