Spotlight: Theo on Arduino, Robotics and the Brain

Arduino, Kano, VEX IQ, Ozobot… The programmes and kit we use at Fire Tech Camp can sound mystifying to the uninitiated (usually the parents!) but don’t let the names put you off! We simply develop our courses using the most accessible, versatile and relevant stuff available. The microelectronics system called Arduino, for example, is all three of those things at once.

In the second in our Spotlight series, which shines on a light on campers’ personal stories and tech explorations, Theo tells us about how his time on the Arduino camp tied in with a home project on neuroscience and fired up some new and interesting connections.

The field of neuroscience is a fascinating field in which robotics and computing are playing an increasingly important – potentially life-changing – role. Technological advances are enabling the creation of bespoke prosthetics and the use of robots to test theories and possible treatments in relation to that incredibly complex and still poorly understood organ, the human brain. For one of our campers to be getting to grips with this sort of science makes us extremely proud, even more so because he has found some of his inspiration at Fire Tech Camp.

In Theo’s own words…

I enjoyed the Arduino coding course because for the first time I was able to combine coding with putting together electronic components to create lots of sensors to respond in many different and intelligent ways.

This linked in with my Backyard Brains project because the Arduino on the Backyard Brains kit is very similar to the ones that we were using at Fire Tech Camp. Together they show the similarities between how our brains work and how computers function.

This film and the Backyard Brains experiment show how machines and people can communicate together to help make neuroprosthetics and robots that behave like avatars.

Theo’s project

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