Roblox For Kids: What is Lua Coding?

Got a Roblox-obsessed child? With over 64 million monthly players worldwide, we’re not surprised that Roblox has evolved into one of the most popular gaming platforms of all time. 

As parents, we can’t help but question what it is and how our kids are spending countless hours on the platform. So what is Roblox, and why do our kids love it so much? Is it educational and what benefits are there to learning to code with Roblox? Continue reading as we answer all your burning questions. 

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online game creator platform where the majority of the content is created by gamers themselves. These game makers can be as young as 7 and are able to create and publish games to the community using simple game-building tools. And that means they can explore an environment that could then turn into monetisation.

These games can then be played by children worldwide, often online together, through a phone or tablet or a web browser.

Learn to code using Roblox

Roblox is built using Lua is an easy-to-use coding language for game engines – and most notably in Roblox, the online game platform popular with children. 

Different from other programming languages, Lua is used for embedding into your application, as it was initially developed to extend or add functionality to other programs. That means it can easily work alongside other codes and has a set of simple rules and operations.

Roblox is a community-building platform

This unique coding language is embedded in Roblox and gives kids the opportunity to learn a combination of block and text-based code to build a 3D world. The Roblox community allows like-minded kids to power their imagination!

Did you know… Well-known applications such as Adobe Photoshop, World of Warcraft, and Angry Birds all utilise Lua code!

Explore Roblox with Fire Tech

Making Games with Roblox
Ages 9-12

Based on the amazingly popular Roblox platform, introducing budding young designers and developers to the principles of practical game design & development, world building and Lua programming.

Making Multi-Player Games with Roblox
Ages 9-12

Take your video game creation skills to the next level with this course dedicated to making multiplayer games using Roblox Studio. Challenge your friends in games you’ve made.

Roblox Arcade – Monitise Your Games
Ages 13-17

Learn the principles of practical game design, Lua programming and earning Robux currency in this fun and challenging Roblox-based course. By the end, students will have created two fully-functioning games with multiple advanced features for others to play!

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