Python overtakes French in Primary Schools

Python is now the ‘language’ of choice among parents of children at primary school age, according to a recent survey published by Ocado Technnology. Six out of ten parents would prefer their child to learn this versatile coding language than French.

Obviously at Fire Tech Camp we’re big advocates of learning to code young and it’s great that this message has been taken to heart by so many parents.

One negative result from the survey indicated that enthusiasm for coding tailed off among older children and teens, with Computer Science at GCSE being seen as a ‘soft option’. At a time when the digital skills gap in the UK job market is high, we are working hard to change this perception and really challenge and motivate older teens who embark on any of our programming courses.

We estimate that one week spent coding Python at Fire Tech Camp will give teens more practice, food for thought and a broader programming skillset than they would get in nearly a year of Computing lessons at school. With small group sizes and specialist tutors, we have the luxury of allowing students to shape how they use their newfound skills to follow up on their own interests, tackle interesting problems and even make mistakes.

In terms of defying the ‘soft option’ perception, our camper and parent feedback speaks for itself:

“Fire Tech taught me so much I did not know”

Python & Electronics with Minecraft Camper, August 2015

“Very enjoyable experience, you learn a HUMONGOUS amount which otherwise would have taken several weeks/months.”

Python Camper, August 2015

“My daughter had great fun and learned so much at the same time! Shouldn’t school be more like this?”

Parent of a Python Camper, August 2015

We strongly believe that a personalised, intensive journey through different coding concepts will keep students highly motivated and make them more accomplished coders. Learning by solving authentic tasks, and having to combine coding skills with creative, original thinking, is, after all, how professional developers work all the time!

Coding has always been at the core of Fire Tech Camp’s curriculum, and we have camps that focus entirely on learning a programming language or others which introduce elements of coding to create other products, such as game design or building robots. Look out for more specialised coding courses in 2016, as we look to move beyond Python and Java and introduce some new options for young developers…



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