Learn how to make a Minecraft server.

On a Minecraft Mission

Since launching our World Building with Minecraft back in April 2014, your reaction has been fantastic and requests for more opportunities to learn with Minecraft have been coming thick and fast from campers and parents alike! We’ve responded to your cries for “MORE!” and are pleased to be offering four separate courses connected to Minecraft over the next several months, including a special week in London 7-10 April completely dedicated to the creative joys of those pixellated blocks (we have the capacity to take on 120 campers during that week alone!).

For those who have not yet fully embraced this joy, here’s a helpful summary of the different benefits of our Minecraft courses and when they’re available.

World Building With Minecraft

One Day Workshop, Ages 9+

Understanding editing and 3D design tools that will expand your Minecraft world.

Take your abilities to manipulate the Minecraft environment up a notch. This course covers fundamental elements of 2D and 3D design and exposes campers to the powerful Worldpainter and MCEdit platforms.

Minecraft Redstone

One Day Workshop, Ages 9+

Harness the energy of the Minecraft world by mastering its “electricity”.

Redstone is the electricity of the Minecraft world. Understanding how it works means getting to grips with traps, machines, circuits and commands. Campers will leave this workshop confident in their ability to use Redstone to solve problems and build up complex commands starting with simple building blocks.

Python Coding and Electronics with Minecraft

One Week Camp, Ages 12+

A unique opportunity to take on advanced concepts in programming and electronics through the medium of Minecraft.

This course was conceived of and designed by one of our instructors – David Whale – after he was inspired teaching Fire Tech Camp students! Through the playful and creative environment of Minecraft, our teen campers will use the Python programming language to code mini games and automated building block programs. They will also get their hands dirty using Arduino to create their own custom game controller.

Minecraft Maker

Watch this space!

This summer we will be launching a fourth Minecraft course. We’ll keep you posted!

What’s On?

Feb half term April hols April hols  May half term
London London Manchester London
World Building 17 + 19 Feb

7 + 9 Apr

9 Apr 26 May

18 + 20 Feb

8 + 10 Apr 10 Apr 25 May
Python & Electronics 7 – 10 Apr 13 – 17 Apr

There are lots of Minecraft dates coming up over the summer too. Some of these workshops and courses are already online and booking but look out for more soon!




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