New weekly bootcamp supports GCSE Computer Science students

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched a GCSE Computer Science Bootcamp. We’ve condensed the most important learning from the OCR Computer Science GCSE into a 6 week intensive course. This course covers both papers and learners will receive extra resources and content to work on in between sessions.

What is the bootcamp?

The bootcamp is a small virtual classroom where students who are studying GCSE Computer Science can sign up and continue their learning at school. The bootcamp is run over six weeks with one weekly session from 5pm-6.30pm, and students will receive live support from their dedicated expert tutor during these hours. 

Who is the GCSE bootcamp for?

This is a program designed for students 14-16 years. This course requires students to be studying the OCR GCSE Computer Science specification, as this Fire Tech bootcamp course is an intense revision of the content they will have already been taught. We will also be using Python for algorithmic and programming examples.

The bootcamp is perfect for homeschooled students or students wanting to top up their learning at school! This course allows students to build a variety of tech specific skills, supporting OCR GCSE Computer Science curriculum and exams.

We wanted to help students maximize their grade in GCSE Computer Science. We’ve worked hard to condense the OCR exam content into a simple bootcamp format, which laser focuses on each section of the specification. Students can expect to review the key concepts with an expert, practise rigorous exam question technique and enter the exam hall feeling super confident.

Michael Cotter, Head of Products

Who will teach the GCSE bootcamp?

Fire Tech tutors are DBS and referenced, and undergo a rigorous selection process and training ahead of their courses to make sure students have the best learning experience possible! The bootcamp is run remotely by one of our expert tutors so students can join from anywhere. This means it is a live learning experience not recorded self-learning and students will be in a small class with other remote learning students. Meet some of the tutors here.

Explore GCSE Computer Science with Fire Tech 

We’ve condensed the most important learning from the OCR Computer Science GCSE into a 6 week intensive course. By completing these courses, students will have covered key material to support their learning, as well as exam prep and practice.

OCR Computer Science Bootcamp

Various bootcamp start dates begin in January, February and March 2022.

Questions, comments, or feedback?

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