A New Weekend Club in January 2016

We are kicking off 2016 in style with an exciting new kind of club for young digital makers and tech-lovers.

Fire Tech Crew will have children aged 9 to 12 experimenting, exploring and making with all sorts of incredible tools and equipment, gaining a practical taste of different technologies from 3D printing and modelling to code, robotics, electronics and design.

Over ten weeks, the crew members will also get to make new friends and enjoy Saturday mornings in a safe, fun environment, going on a journey of discovery with other young like-minded explorers. In this sense, we see Fire Tech Crew working to a similar philosophy as the scouting movement, but with a modern twist where the “survival skills” critical to today are digital and tech-based – building code or designing robots rather than lighting a fire or designing a shelter!

The club will be held on Saturday mornings from 10 am-12 pm at the Fab Lab near Bank, London. The first block of sessions runs throughout the Spring term, from Saturday 9th January 2016 until Saturday 19th March 2016 with a break for February half-term.

About Fire Tech Weekend Clubs

We’re probably best known for our holiday camps but, on top of that, we’ve been running popular weekend coding sessions for teens for nearly two years and, since August 2015, have introduced some shorter hands-on workshops that get kids and teenagers manufacturing and crafting their own designs fast.

We’ve found that the demand to gain more experience with these sorts of skills is very high, plus younger campers want more opportunities outside of school holiday periods to get tinkering with tech.

The new Saturday club will offer kids aged 9 to 12 the chance to dip in and out of different areas, find out where their interests lie and sample some awesome different pieces of kit on the market which are hard to get started on without the help of someone who knows what they’re doing already.

Electronics is one area that members of the Fire Tech Crew will be getting involved with

You can find out more about the sort of kit and tools – Raspberry Pi, Kano, Arduino… – that crew members will be getting their heads around on the Fire Tech Crew course page.

Christmas gift

If you would like to give a child membership to the Fire Tech Crew as a Christmas or birthday present or to celebrate any other kind of occasion then we can arrange for a gift certificate and welcome pack to be delivered. Please send us an email or give us a call on +44 (0) 207 193 4002 and we will be happy to sort out the details.



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