Meet The Tutors Inspiring The Next Generation This Summer

At Fire Tech, we have a tutor and teaching network of over 300 inspiring young techies. They come from the world’s leading universities such as Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge, as experts in their field, they love sharing their knowledge with the next generation. From game designers and Ph.D. researchers to Biomedical engineers and graphic designers, they’re here to inspire your kids this summer.

Whether you’re joining us on an online course or in-person camp, continue reading to meet some of them now:

Meet Constantine, Game Design Expert

Constantine graduated from Goldsmiths with a Master’s in Computer Games Design and from the University of Greenwich with a Bachelor’s in Internet Engineering. He’s been involved in game development and game art for more than 3 years now and he loves how you can create anything you can imagine. He is looking forward to helping Fire Tech kids take their first steps in game development and coding this summer!

Discover Fire Tech’s gaming courses: Video Game Design, Making 3D Games with Unreal Engine, Coding Games with Java, and Making Games with Roblox.

Meet Iman, Biomedical Engineer

Iman is a Biomedical Engineer, now studying an MSc in Neurotechnology at Imperial College London. She explains, “Technology has made our lives easier and better. It will be the great protagonist of our educational, health, and even social future.” Her bubbly nature gives young kids the motivation and drive to never give up when facing a problem with learning about coding and technology. 

Discover Fire Tech’s junior coding courses: Junior Python and Junior Scratch Coder


Meet Adrian, Physics Student at UCLA

Adrian is currently studying Physics at UCLA and he started his tech journey as a student at Fire Tech on the Teen Coding with Python course at age 14. He loves tech because it means always looking for new innovations and he loves the quirky, off-the-wall ideas that people come up with. He particularly enjoys teaching coding as there are so many relatable applications of coding in daily life, and he said the kids are outstanding at seeing future uses.

Discover Fire Tech’s future tech courses: Machine Learning for Artificial Intelligence, Junior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence, and Senior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence

Meet Sam, Sound & Music Computing Grad

Sam is currently studying a Master’s in Sound and Music Computing at Goldsmiths and loves using technology creatively to make things that he would never have been possible just a few decades earlier. He believes Fire Tech is great because it allows him to share his knowledge in Music and Technology and inspire children to tap into their inner creativity and ingenuity! He looks forward to encouraging creativity this summer on Fire Tech’s creative tech courses.

Discover Fire Tech’s creative courses: Digital Music Production, Creative Digital Design, Digital Photography, and Creating For YouTube.


Meet Emike, Engineering Student

Emike is a Biomedical Engineering student at Imperial College London. She shares, “There is so much you can do with tech! Building electronic stethoscopes and plotting graphs for analysing materials are some of the ways that I’ve used tech on my course so far.” She loves working with kids at Fire Tech and seeing them deal with complex issues in creative ways and learning from them. She’s looking forward to teaching vital skills this summer to support your child’s learning at school.

Discover Fire Tech’s Python coding courses: Teen Coding with Python, Teen Coding with Python II, and Teen Coding with Python – Build Amazing Projects.

About Fire Tech

Fire Tech’s mission is to give young people the tools and inspiration to become the tech creators, makers, and leaders of the future. We have delivered over 80,000 learning experiences to young people across the world. Courses include Python & Java coding, AI, game design, and digital media production. Each workshop is designed to teach young people future skills such as design thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. All of our programmes are taught by tech-savvy teachers from some of the UK’s leading universities. Discover online courses and in-person holiday camps booking now.

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