Passionate Teen Student Inspired by Fire Tech’s Artificial Intelligence Online Course

One thing we love most at the end of each course is hearing from the students about their Fire Tech experience. After week one of October half-term, we caught up with Rohan, a 14-year-old living in London, who attended our Senior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence course.

What did you create/make/build/code this week?

Rohan: We made a few different programs and different AI models. We were able to play around with the models by classifying objects and by the end of the week, we made our own projects, mine was a game controlled by AI.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned from your teacher this week?

Rohan: How accessible it was! The world we live in is at the peak of technology, the fact that it was super accessible and we could learn these skills from our homes. I find it very exciting.

How different is it learning at Fire Tech to learning at school?

Rohan: The main difference would be physical vs virtual. But thinking of the actual teaching, Fire Tech feels like a much more relaxed learning environment compared to school. School seems to have a strict curriculum whereas at Fire Tech we are encouraged to learn and try out different things. Fire Tech is way more fun and I liked that it was with new and different people who like the same things as you, whereas school is the same people for the whole year. It was a nice change.

How do you think the things you have learned at Fire Tech will help you at school?

Rohan: Definitely in computing lessons, as we only learn the basics so will help me get ahead. I think it’s good to know things about tech and how it all works. I’m thinking of pursuing a STEM-based career and it will definitely help as a first step.

What do you want to go on to study when they leave school? Has this changed since being at Fire Tech camp?

Rohan: I’ve always dreamed of being an Aeronautical Engineer and someone who creates machines but because of Fire Tech, I think I want to advance my skills one step further and work in a more tech-based industry.

Fire Tech has opened a world of career possibilities.

Do you think it’s important for children to learn about technology? Why?

Rohan: Tech is so important. It is such a driving force for everything we do in life and I think it’ll be like this for the rest of our lives. Tech is not given the emphasis it needs at school, we don’t learn actual real-world tech skills. It’s good now that I’ve started learning more about tech and I can hopefully pass on this knowledge at school.

What would you say to a child/teen who is a tech beginner but is thinking of coming to Fire Tech?

Rohan: I think it’s great. There’s no prior skills or knowledge that you need to come to Fire Tech and it’s fun. I found it wasn’t stressful as there were no exams or pressure from the tutors. It was also a good way to explore things you’re interested in like AI or anything else, as you’re able to mix and match between different topics.

I think it’s a good mix of learning and something fun to do in the holidays… I’d recommend it!

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