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Meet the Fire Tech Tutors: Bianca

Bianca, Python Tutor
This week’s Meet The Tutors blog series introduces you to Junior Python expert tutor Bianca.
Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’re studying.
I am Bianca and I am currently studying Computing at Imperial College London.
What led you to choose this course? And where are you hoping it takes you? 
When I was younger I had a passion for Mathematics which made me choose Mathematics and Computing in High School. For about one month I completely hated programming, I could not understand it at all. One day something magic happened, I managed to make the connection between Mathematics and programming, and from that moment onward I started to explore more and more with it. In the same year I decided that I want to continue working in the field.
What’s the best thing about teaching technology to young people? 
The questions, they are extremely creative. Working with young people makes you explore things about technology that you were not aware existed.
What would you tell your younger self?
Don’t be afraid to share your ideas.
Who/what inspires you the most? 
Passionate people inspire me. It is thrilling to discuss a topic with someone who’s truly passionate about it.
What’s your favourite Fire Tech course and why?
Junior Python. I taught this course a number of times and I love the playful way complicated concepts are presented. It is also very rewarding to see the final projects and how far the students can take them.
What excites you most about the future and technology?
The progress of technology in a short time is impressive, there is always something new to explore.


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