Meet The Tech Innovator: Siobhan Duncan The Lead Developer at Robotical

During our recent intensive week-long courses, we interviewed guest experts, who provided students with some extra inspiration during their lunchtimes. All of whom are working in the robotics and tech education industries.

This interview is with tech innovator Siobhan Duncan, the Lead Developer at Robotical – a company that invented Marty the Robot which teaches young people robotics and programming in a creative, hands-on way.


Siobhan is a Lead Developer at Robotical and a current Ph.D. student within the Edinburgh Centre for robotics, where her research lies in Swarm Robotics and its application to real-world scenarios. She is interested in biologically inspired robotics, specifically how to create artificial stigmergy to facilitate the self-organisation of robot swarms.

She recently completed an MRes focused in Robotics and Autonomous Systems, from Heriot-Watt University, where her main project involved developing a swarm robotics platform for this application.

The Interview

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