Meet our tutors

Fire Tech offers a range of advantages, from small class sizes to maximise student learning, to including the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality that inspire our campers to dream big! Yet, it’s our high quality tutors that make Fire Tech an incredible place to learn. We’ve made it a priority to recruit enthusiastic, tech-savvy instructors from leading university programmes to ensure the best learning experience. Meet some of them below….


I’m currently studying my PhD in Computer Science at Imperial College London. Technology opens the doors to many possibilities, giving you the necessary tools to improve many areas of your life, from science to arts, which is one of the reasons why I love learning about it and teaching it. Having the opportunity to teach children about technology and watching their confidence grow is a rewarding experience.

Despite being at Fire Tech Camp for almost a year, I’m still surprised by the energy the students bring. Fortunately, Fire Tech Camp is the best place to let this energy flow. The team are always bringing out new courses and activities and provide a friendly environment for both teachers and students.


fire tech camp tutorsI have been studying a broad range of tech and computing specialisations since 2010. From network infrastructure to computer assembly to general programming and game development, I am a sort of technical jack of all trades. I’m currently studying Computer Gaming Technology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where I spend my time working with Unity and both the C# and C++ programming languages. My education has also given me experience with Java, HTML, Javascript and Python as well as Adobe Photoshop, Premier and Audition.

I joined this company because I feel that, with other career options slowly phasing out, tech is a fantastic option for young people to follow. It is incredible to see their excitement as they discover new aspects of computing – especially when you hear them immediately begin planning their career. I consider my job here to be the most rewarding experience of my life.


summer tech camps londonI’ve always been passionate about video games, and have had an interest in computers and creativity for a long time, so when I was introduced to Minecraft I realised it was a combination of two of my favourite things! I made the choice to study Computer Science at Warwick University.

In early 2013 I decided that I’d use the knowledge I’d gained through my learning to create a YouTube channel dedicated to using programming concepts to create new inventions in Minecraft!

After my videos started getting a lot of attention, I found I really enjoyed educating people via entertaining them, and after finding Fire Tech, I realised that they gave me a way to spread what I’d learned to more people. I think tech education is so important when more and more jobs require an understanding of computers, and being at Fire Tech lets me help others gain that understanding.


summer tech campsI am a fourth year Computer Scientist at the University of Cambridge.

At Fire Tech, I mainly teach the Coding Games with Java course. If I’m not teaching, I’m probably running around being overly enthusiastic about everything. I absolutely love working for Fire Tech because the work is so fun, varied, and sociable and it is incredibly rewarding when the students learn something new and fall in love with technology. Next year I will be starting a career in software development at a financial technology company in London.

In an age of ubiquitous computing, tech education is of paramount importance. The majority of big businesses nowadays rely heavily on computers and need to be able to use technology effectively to maintain their competitive edge. Learning to program was one of the best decisions I ever made and I would definitely encourage everyone to try it!

Fire Tech Camp has delivered over 4000 courses across the UK, EU, and Australia. This summer we’re offering camps in six U.K. locations. Visit our course page to see when we’re in your local area. Fire Tech Camp are committed to making our courses accessible to as many children as possible and offer a generous scholarship program to ensure this. Click here to apply.