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Fire Tech offers a range of advantages, from small class sizes to maximise student learning, to include the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality that inspire our campers to dream big! Yet, it’s our high-quality tutors that make Fire Tech an incredible place to learn. We’ve made it a priority to recruit enthusiastic, tech-savvy instructors from leading university programmes to ensure the best learning experience. Meet some of them below…


Guy is currently a Computer Science undergraduate at Newcastle University. His key areas of interest include programming, machine learning, and algorithm design to name a few!

Guy loves teaching kids complex concepts so that when they finish the camp they are able to write programs that they would never have thought possible. This is one of the main reasons he loves working with Fire Tech as a Tutor!

Courses he teaches: Teen Coding with Python I & II, Coding Games with Java, Junior AI and Senior AI


Marie recently graduated from the University of Manchester with a degree in Physics. Marie’s main interest lies in machine learning and she wants to help the Fire Tech kids reach their full potential and have a passion for STEM subjects!

Marie is conscientious and will go above and beyond to ensure your child has a fun time while learning!

Courses she teaches: Teen Coding with Python I and Junior AR/VR


Dedun – is a second-year Design Engineering undergraduate at Imperial College London.

Dedun has a great knowledge of python and believes that STEM is important for children’s future careers. She wants to propel the Fire Tech kids towards a positive STEM future. ⠀

This past week she taught our Junior Augmented and Virtual Reality course and told us, “Students pick up the theory very quickly but when it came to actually build virtual spaces, one student was really excited. When he put on his VR headset to see the world he had created, he couldn’t stop repeating, “This is awesome! This is so cool!” and immediately grabbed his sister and father to take a look. Reactions like that are why I teach at Fire Tech.”

Courses she teaches: Junior AR/VR, Teen Coding with Python, Junior AI and Video Games Design


Myrto is in her last year of her Ph.D. at Cambridge University. Her area of research is using computational tools and mathematical models to study infectious diseases in the host. Originally she studied medicine, however decided she wanted to diversify and took a different path.

She finds working at Fire Tech extremely rewarding, firstly to see children deal with complex issues in creative ways, secondly to learn from and assist them with their creative solutions

Courses she teaches: Junior and Senior AI and Junior AR/VR


Malav studied MA/MSc in Innovation Design Engineering at Royal College of Art and Imperial College in London and has been with Fire Tech for more than 5 years!⠀

Since his graduation, he’s become the founder of a start-up developing robotic prosthetic socket and his proudest achievement is to be listed as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Europe as well as India in 2017-18, simultaneously!

Course he teaches: Video Games Design


Youness is a recent Music Computing grad from Goldsmiths London and has a passion and commitment to tech education. ⠀

Youness currently teaches at Fire Tech while doing freelance music and sound for TV & Film. He thinks Fire Tech is great because it allows him to share his knowledge in Music and Technology and inspire children to tap into their inner creativity and ingenuity!⠀

Courses he teaches: Digital Music Production & Creative Digital Design

Fire Tech empowers a global community of young tech creators, coders, and leaders across the world. Since 2013, Fire Tech has helped over 70,000 young people aged 8-17 across the world to create and explore using the latest technologies. They have partnered with some of the biggest companies like Amazon, featured on the BBC, The Guardian, and The Economist. Fire Tech is committed to making our courses accessible to as many children as possible and offers a generous scholarship program to ensure this. Click here to apply. 



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