Interview: Inspired Fire Tech student now studies at Imperial College London

We love sharing student stories! We caught up with Judicael who attended our Teen Coding with Python and Coding Games with Java courses over 7 years ago! Hear from him as we ask him about his experience and what impact it had on his education. 

1. How long have you been taking courses with Fire Tech? 

I took 2 or 3 courses at Fire Tech about 7 years ago back when I was getting started with programming in Python and Java. Since then I’ve been a self-taught programmer.

Furthermore, my school didn’t offer a Computing course for GCSE. Thankfully, Fire Tech was able to help, providing everything that was required, including a knowledgeable tutor who, at that time, was a Computer Science student at Imperial College. With their help, I was able to obtain an A*.

2. Why do you think it’s important for kids/teens to learn about technology?

Programming, just like a spoken language, is a skill which I think is really important to start learning when you’re young. At that age, it’s much easier to adapt to the new way of thinking and solving algorithmic problems.

3. What would you say to someone who’s never coded before and is curious to try it out?

It’s easier than ever to have a try. You would be surprised as to how enjoyable coding can be!

4. What made Fire Tech courses a good fit for you?

I had previously done some coding in C++ before taking the courses. However, it was quite overwhelming trying to learn everything on my own. Doing a few courses at Fire Tech guided me and taught me all the fundamentals I needed to pursue more challenging problems.

5. What was the best thing about your time with Fire Tech?

The courses were very engaging and fun. It gave me confidence in my abilities since within a week I was able to build entire games from start to finish.

6. Would you recommend Fire Tech to others?

Yes! Fire Tech has been a tremendous help to me.

7. How do you think the courses you have learned at Fire Tech will help you at school or in the future?

It gave me the confidence to tackle harder coding problems myself. I’m now at university studying Maths and Computer Science at Imperial College. Since I had started at such a young age, I’ve had time to develop my programming skills. This now allows me to focus on the actual task at hand such as learning new mathematical concepts.



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