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How to throw a virtual birthday party in lockdown

If your child’s birthday is coming up soon, amid a national lockdown; and you’re feeling stuck for ideas on how to make it memorable, we want to help!

Birthday parties in a lockdown can still be filled with all the things we usually want; family, friends, fun activities and cake – we’ve just got to be more creative! Thankfully technology can help us celebrate with family and friends safely. Read on for our ideas for a lockdown birthday party to remember…

Plan some fun activities

We think a fun mix of traditional offline party games made virtual, combined with some techy fun makes for a great online birthday party. 

Scavenger hunt

Firstly, how about games that get everyone zooming around the house with excitement? – like a scavenger hunt! If you have a theme for the party, make up some prompts to fit; we also recommended a spooky scavenger hunt in our virtual Halloween party guide which had some fun spooky-themed prompts you can draw inspiration from.


A great video call friendly game is Pictionary. You can use an online word generator such as Wordraw to choose the word and then draw it using the zoom whiteboard. 


An alternative to pictionary is Charades, which you can have fun acting out on camera to your team. Use this Charades idea generator to choose your word.

Heads Up

Another zoom friendly game – but you’ll need to download an app and use your phone for this one.


Jackbox makes online game playing easy – so you might want to consider buying a package that you can enjoy even after the party is over. You’ll get a variety of games which are great for kids. Find out how to use Jack box to play with friends remotely here.

Let us host an activity!

You could arrange for all your children’s friends to join one of our online experiences, where we can entertain them for a little while, doing something fun, creative and bonus! – They’ll learn new skills too. Our top picks for birthday friendly experiences include:

Make sure to decide and book a suitable date before making your invites! If you want a private party experience with us, get in touch by filling in the form on our contact page.

Dress to impress

A lockdown birthday is a perfect opportunity to dress up as something fun! You could dress related to a theme if you have one, or maybe everyone should dress as something beginning with the same letter as your child’s first name – that way you can enjoy the surprise of seeing what everyone comes up with! You can turn it into a contest with a price and use VoteUp: Decide Faster App to run the poll.

A great techy alternative is to get everyone to find a virtual costume at the start of the party using SnapCam filters – you could make a fun prompt based on your film and giggle away as everyone finds something suitable.

Just for teens

Some of the suggestions so far might be more fun for younger kids. If you have a teen birthday party to plan, how about a zoom based “Bake Off” competition – everyone can have fun creating something in the kitchen and sharing the results with friends and family. Use the VoteUp: Decide Faster App again to decide who wins. Unfortunately this will be based purely on aesthetics; as it’s a bit hard to taste test through a lens – but that’s how we all experience bake-off anyway – we just have to take Paul Hollywood’s word for it! 

Another option is to plan a movie night – using Netflix’s party function your teen and their friends can all watch the same film, or binge watch a series – complete with snacks of course – and chat about the film using the text chat function.

Create and send invites to friends and family

Get your child involved in creating their own party invites – a great activity in itself for creative fun and technological learning. Why not sign them up to our Design Amazing Posters in Powerpoint Experience so that they can learn how to make a cool poster for their event using MS Powerpoint! 

They’ll learn how to use PowerPoint as an art and graphic design tool, find free resources to use in their designs and much more. Once they’ve created an event poster, either print and send to friends and family in the post – or send via email or messaging.

Set a date, time and include info about how to RVSP. We recommend people RSVP by email so that you can send them a video link.

Get everyone together

Using a video app like Zoom is a great way to bring family and friends together for birthday fun – allowing for up to 100 participants to chat for 40 minutes for free – or you can upgrade for longer call times. 

Don’t forget the cake!

Once the party is almost over, bring out the birthday cake and let everyone wish your child a very happy birthday whilst they blow out the candles. The best bit about lockdown birthdays? The cake can’t be sent by email yet, so even more for yourself!

We hope our lockdown virtual birthday party post has given you some ideas for hosting a party to remember for your kids birthday. Whatever you decide, we hope they have a blast. Keep us in the loop by tagging us in any social posts using @firetechcamp.




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