Fire Tech’s CEO shares vision for a summer of creativity

Dear Fire Tech families,

Summer is nearly upon us! We know that your plans for the school holidays will look very different this year, and we have been working hard to bring the same joy of summer camps to our students in these new circumstances.

I wanted to update you on how Fire Tech aims to support young people across the world to use these summer months as a positive opportunity to make new friends, create and explore with technology, and begin an important chapter in their lives.

At the end of last year, I shared a new vision for Fire Tech: to focus on digital leadership, and promote tech education to young people that is socially impactful, human-centred, ethically responsible, and using the most cutting-edge technology.

I am proud of how we have evolved our work since then, including:

  • Tech for good: This year, our students have used technology in more impactful ways than ever. We have partnered with Nesta to help over 100 young innovators use Artifical Intelligence (AI) to address antibiotic resistance, manage traffic congestion and improve the health of the elderly. We’ve run regular impact hackathons, including helping 100 kids design apps to support NHS workers to access quality food during lockdown.
  • AI & ethics: We have made ethics and responsibility an important component of our new AI course curricula
  • Receiving the DQ Seal: We have been awarded the DQ Seal, the global standards or digital literacy, in recognition our commitment to digital leadership 
  • Increasing access to our courses: Through our partnerships with international governments and corporates such as Amazon, we have reached 40,000 students this year alone, many of whom wouldn’t have been able to access our courses. We are also a collaborating partner on PwC UK’s #TechSheCan campaign to inspire young women to realise their true potential and close the gender gap in tech.
  • Thought leadership: We have consulted with experts in different tech fields and shared their insights in our new E-book to inspire young people about how they can best harness technology positively

It goes without saying that the global context has changed significantly since the beginning of the year – including how young people learn. At Fire Tech, we have been working tirelessly to prepare for a summer season in which children can feel the excitement of summer – wherever they are.

Our Summer 2020 Campaign

Today, we are launching our summer campaign: #CreateYourSummer. We are celebrating the irrepressible creativity of young people across the world since the start of lockdown this year.   

Since I founded Fire Tech in 2013, giving young people the tools, encouragement and environment to express their creativity has been central to what we do. Despite the impact of coronavirus on all of our lives, we believe this summer is no different. Since March this year, we have seen the boundless limits of human imagination: TikTok dance challenges, an online museum of lockdown artwork, innovators using artificial intelligence, children fundraising for charity and learning new skills while stuck at home – these months have proven our capacity to find positivity and creativity, even in the most challenging circumstances.

We will be promoting young people’s creativity throughout the summer through a range of initiatives:

  • Maker Mondays: weekly creative workshops on topics ranging from making art using Python, to learning design with Photoshop. Find out more here
  • 60-second masterclasses: we are running a series on YouTube where instructors share exciting intros on different creative topics
  • Fire Tech Young Creator Awards: our tutors will be recommending students on our summer courses for our first-ever Young Creator Awards 2020! We will be announcing 5 winners of these awards in September this year
  • Creator Spotlights: highlighting young innovators across the world who inspire us with their creativity
  • Flexible course formats: we want young people to learn and create on their own terms. That’s why we’ve launched new self-guided courses to promote independent learning, proven to bring extraordinary benefits to students including improved academic performance; increased motivation, confidence and intellectual creativity; and fostering social inclusion and friendship.

Get involved

Can you help us support even more young people to create with technology this summer? 

Here are some social media posts for sharing. We would appreciate it if you could help by tagging your friends on these posts on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

We are also offering discounts for employers looking to offer engaging activities to families of their employees this summer. If you are interested in running Fire Tech courses for your teams at work, please get in touch with Anne Augeard via

Find the right course for you

Fire Tech’s online courses give students the supportive environment to explore and create with technology. Whether they love music, design, video games, coding or exploring the future of AI, students will work on challenging projects to stretch their ability and unearth new passions, meet new friends in a social environment, and learn from instructors including PhD students at Cambridge, design engineers at Imperial and Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs.

Our courses develop young people’s creativity, inquisitiveness and problem-solving skills, triggering the thrill of learning and preparing them to thrive at school and beyond. Our curriculum has been designed by our team of education experts and former computer science teachers based on guidance from educators and alumni. Our courses allow students to take control of their learning, while challenging them to develop the same enthusiasm for the topic they may have for the hobbies they love. 

Fire Tech’s online courses are available on all your favourite topics, from artificial intelligence and Python, to video game design and augmented and virtual reality.

For a short time only, get 20% with code FIRE20. Build your own video game, brush up on your Python coding skills, perfect your digital photography skills, and dive deep into artificial intelligence. To find out more about our online courses, visit our website here or call our team on 020 3950 7310.

Wishing you all a creative summer to remember!

All the best,




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