Fire Tech Unlimited Membership – Power up all year round!

We are so thrilled to launch our new membership: Fire Tech Unlimited. The membership includes various levels of live teaching, and unlimited access to our Fire Tech Experiences and Self Guided Projects, where our best instructors share the tech that they are most passionate about. Giving the young people in your household access to our complete range of tech experiences, and our drop-in clinics for a whole year. 

The Membership

At Fire Tech, we cover the tech that kids love – from VR and AI to music production, Minecraft and Roblox. Constantly adding the latest and hottest tech topics to enjoy. As a Fire Tech member you will have:

  • Unlimited access to all our experiences
  • Unlimited access to self guided projects
  • Tech help drop-in clinics
  • Access to members-only events, offers and rewards

Fire Tech Experiences are a way to check out a new subject, get tips and tricks in an area they already love, or dive into a Masterclass with an expert. We think they are the very essence of what we do at Fire Tech – harnessing young people’s excitement for tech by meeting them where they are, and then exploring where these interests can take them!

We wanted to create an easy, low-cost way for all the kids in the family to learn about the latest technologies. So we created Fire Tech Unlimited, where they can access hundreds of live online experiences all year round on all sorts of amazing topics. We’ve added mini-projects where they can make games and fun apps. And everybody needs a little help sometimes, so there are pop-in help clinics if you have any questions. We’re hoping this will inspire kids to love tech and think about becoming the tech pioneers of the future.

Michael Cotter, Head of Products

The Benefits

Fire Tech Unlimited will have additional benefits as you receive communications, early promotions, and special events to bring you the best of our network. Members can also help shape our programmes going forward as we test out innovations we are working on.

Benefits for your family to enjoy all year round:

  • One annual membership for the whole family
  • Get access to new tech experiences 
  • Unlimited self study courses & support
  • Learn the latest tech skills
  • Exclusive member offers & events

We are building programmes to engage with your family all year round and to be sure that your kids are future-ready.

Get your membership now

Fire Tech Unlimited is available to book now for your whole family. If you would like to purchase it as a gift for a family member or friend, please get in touch with us below.

Questions, comments, or feedback?

Please email or contact us on 020 3950 7310.



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