Fire Tech Memberships


Fire Tech Memberships – Power up all year round!

25-November-2020 – Today we are launching Fire Tech Memberships!  Memberships allow your young people to explore and engage with tech all year round.  

Fire Tech memberships include various levels of live teaching, and unlimited access to our Fire Tech Experiences, where our best instructors share the tech that they are most passionate about. 

We have dozens of Fire Tech Experiences tee’d up for your child or teen.  Our Minecraft experiences are a great way for 9-12 year olds to turn their passion for playing into a constructive creative endeavour.  And teens can model a pandemic or build a Spotify bot in these hour-long tasters. 

Experiences are a way to check out a new subject, get tips and tricks in an area they already love, or dive into a Masterclass with an expert.  We think they are the very essence of what we do at Fire Tech – harnessing young people’s excitement for tech by meeting them where they are, and then exploring where these interests can take them! Check these out:

  • Ultimate Factory Builder in Minecraft
  • Galactic Voyage in Minecraft
  • Creating Graphics and Animation in Powerpoint
  • Can a computer choose your clothes? Neural networks in AI
  • The Ultimate Guide to PC building
  • Mixing Like a Pro – Create Sounds Worth Sharing!
  • Build Your Music Business Empire in 1 Hour!
  • How Computers Solve Mazes – Introduction to Pathfinding
  • Meet the Synthesizer – Create Sizzling Hits in Minutes
  • Modelling a Pandemic
  • 3D Printing Will Change the World
  • Drum Machine Masterclass
  • Let’s Get Snappy with Augmented Reality
  • Transform a Game Controller into a Musical Instrument
  • Become a Music YouTube influencer
  • Build a Virtual Escape Room
  • Introduction to Blender 3D modelling
  • Creating a Spotify Bot
  • So you want to do a livestream?

Memberships also include live teaching hours.  You can book the course of your choosing, at the time most convenient for you, locking in your discount now.

Membership will have additional benefits as you receive communications, early promotions, and Special Events to bring you the best of our network. Members can also help shape our programmes going forward as we test out innovations we are working on.

We are building programmes to engage with your family all year round and to be sure that your kids are future-ready.

Now you know what great online learning looks like.

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