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Fire Tech future-proofs learning with a raft of 21st-century skills

Fire Tech educates young people to apply knowledge, “to be innovators, creators and makers – not just to know techie stuff”, says our Founder and CEO, Jill Hodges. “Problem-solving and creativity, alongside technology, are among the most sought after skills in the workplace. They are hugely relevant in this rapidly changing, digital society.”

The 21st-century skills predicted to be most relevant for a near-future workforce include critical thinking, curiosity and cooperation with an emphasis on competencies and characteristics rather than content knowledge.

Fire Tech is continuing to ensure its learning programme is future-proofed. Taking our cue from The Future of Jobs Report, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), we are instilling non-cognitive skills within our programme.

Referred to as ‘soft’, skills such as analytical thinking, collaboration, active learning and originality are hugely important and which the WEF report claims are “uniquely human capabilities” (p23). We prefer the term social and emotional skills rather than “soft skills” to make the point that these are important skills and not at all secondary to skills around content.

This autumn term, in addition to improving their computer literacy, Fire Tech participants will work individually and collaborate together to address challenges as well as develop their innovation, communication and evaluation skills.

Undertaking our Teen Coding course, for example, students work in small teams to master the powerful Python programming language behind Netflix, Facebook and Spotify. Developing their own code, campers will learn various techniques in Python, as part of the course, which could also be used to access and process data from remote sources, such as air quality, weather and other types of complex information.

Fire Tech’s enrichment programme includes the development of skills not currently being taught within formal education — mostly because teachers have an overwhelming schedule and schools can’t keep up with the speed in which tech advances.

You don’t have to wait for the school system to catch up – sign your young one up for Fire Tech’s autumn term programme so they can be ahead of the Fourth Industrial Revolution curve.




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