Fire Tech 2020 camps: supercharge your kids’ tech skills and unleash their creativity

The parents amongst us at Fire Tech have been looking at our calendars in an attempt to match work commitments in 2020 with our kids’ school holidays. Sound familiar? Lucky kids seem to get lots of long breaks! 

We’re giving you an early sight of the annual calendar of activities at Fire Tech for 9-17-year-olds so that whilst you’re contributing to the world of work, you can ensure your kids are developing forward-thinking digital leadership skills during this summer’s tech camps.

Busy parents can make sure their kids are actively producing with technology rather than passively consuming it during the school holidays. Fire Tech’s 2020 range of innovative gamification camps, 3D Game Development With Unity using the programming language C# or coding in Python and Electronics With Minecraft, offer an equal share of skills development and creativity. And we are launching some new courses for 2020, so keep an eye on our website for the latest information.

Even the kids who attend a Robotics camp, aren’t instructed like robots! At Fire Tech we don’t just teach cutting-edge technology. Whilst learning 21st-century skills such as problem-solving and design thinking, young people become well-versed in how technology can be harnessed to create a positive impact on the world. This approach is central to our 2020’s Digital Leadership theme.

Kids surprise themselves when they make new friends easily and discover that project-based learning with Fire Tech is fun. “Fire Tech makes me think big. I’m limitless” says Memaan, a recent  Junior Coder. The collaborative camp learning experience encouraged Jake to think differently about degree choices.

Fire Tech’s tutors are unique. Whether young people choose coding, electronics, digital music or film production they will be part of a small learning team and assigned a dedicated tutor who is a subject specialist from a leading university. Our tutors are young, energetic, highly experienced, trained and tech-savvy. They always come high up, along with course content, when it comes to rating camp experience. Why not meet some of our tutors here?

Fire Tech’s school holiday camps are pitched (see what we did there?) at 25+ locations around the UK; London, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Manchester, Surrey, Winchester and as many venues ranging from Imperial College to Wycombe Abbey. It’s an impressive list which gives lots of parental choice. Keep your kids close-by or send them off to our residential camps with a broad range of activities. For even more options, we offer weekend clubs throughout the school year.

Let Fire Tech’s camps supercharge your kids’ tech skills, unleash their creativity and raise their cognisance of the power of technology. View our 2020 brochure to more information.



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