Exciting news! Fire Tech joins MyTutor

We are delighted to announce that Fire Tech is now part of MyTutor! As the UK’s leading platform for online one-to-one curricular tuition, MyTutor is the perfect partner to complement Fire Tech’s small-group tech classes.

MyTutor has given over a quarter of a million life-changing lessons in English, maths and science, and results show that their pupils improve by an average of one whole grade in just 12 lessons! 

They also support over 1000+ partner schools, helping to keep learning going during school closures, and enabling students to continue to make strong academic progress.

Together, our mission is to bring life-changing skills to all, and we’re excited to keep bringing you the Fire Tech courses kids love, taught by our fantastic hand-picked experts.

“MyTutor exists to inspire, motivate, and support every child towards a better future. I see the impact of the digital skills gap firsthand as an employer, which is why I’m so delighted to have found a team who have created such engaging and high impact tech courses – and why I’m so eager to offer that to our customers.

We also know that access to a high standard of digital learning is limited across the UK, and so we are excited to put digital skills at the heart of a broader curriculum strategy for the parents and school partners we work with across the country to make access to make life-changing learning available to everyone.”

Bertie Hubbard, CEO and Co-Founder of MyTutor

About Fire Tech

Fire Tech’s mission is to give young people the tools and inspiration to become the tech creators, makers, and leaders of the future. We have delivered over 80,000 learning experiences to young people across the world. Courses include Python & Java coding, AI, game design, and digital media production. Each workshop is designed to teach young people future skills such as design thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. All of our programs are taught by tech-savvy teachers from some of the UK’s leading universities. 

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