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‘How Fire Tech Has Had A Positive Effect On My Child’

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Image of Gidy on the Robotics course

At Fire Tech, our mission is to inspire young people to create and innovate through technology. It is a pleasure to hear success stories like this.

Meet Josh.

Josh used to go to multi-sports camp during holidays but he broke his arm and couldn’t go.

Meet Alison, Josh’s mum.

Alison was on the hunt for something that Josh could do during the holidays and found Fire Tech. But Josh had little prior experience of coding, had not shown a particular interest in technology, and knew no one at Fire Tech.

So why did Fire Tech work for him?

“At Fire Tech you get to build and create what you want. At school this is difficult because we don’t have the right resources. But, every time I come here I get refreshed with robotics ideas. The coding is more difficult, but I have progressed. The tutors are lovely and the classes are really really fun, so it’s easy to make friends”.

Josh loved it. After camp he used his birthday money to buy a VEX IQ robotics kit. “He has been adjusting his robot at home” says Alison. “He rebuilds it and changes it”.

Now three courses into Fire Tech, Josh is thinking of the future. “I didn’t like working hard at school,” he tells me, “but after Fire Tech I decided to work hard at science”. Gidy has decided to come back for two more courses this summer.

Alison tells me that “Fire Tech has had a hugely positive effect on Josh. It is lovely to see him so engaged”. He has moved to the top set in science, was chosen by his school’s Science Department to be Science Student of the term, and more that than, he wants to do engineering at university.

He has chosen his career path himself; this includes picking maths, further maths, and computer science for A Level. “This is entirely his own interest now.” She continues, “there was a definite correlation between coming to camp and deciding to work really hard at school.”

Funding Josh’s camp was initially difficult for Alison, but with the support of a scholarship, the team has encouraged Josh to learn.

Fire Tech is committed to making technology accessible to children from all economic backgrounds. This is one of many success stories, but let’s all push to empower young people to take control of their learning. Increased passion results in a bigger drive to learn.

Fire Tech is the UK’s leading provider of tech education courses for 9-17 year olds. Visit our course page to view our full list of courses on offer this summer. For more information about our scholarships available visit www.firetechcamp.com/scholarships




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