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Coding is the key to unlocking your child’s future

Johannes, our Python tutor, explains why.

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Coding is a hot topic. Last summer break our Python course was hugely popular as many kids are showing the desire to learn this programming language. Here’s what you need to know about our Python course.

What’s Python and how is it used?

Python is a high-level interpreted programming language. It runs fast and is rewarding to learn.

Python is used to carry out a variety of tasks across a range of industries. These range from visual effects to web development, or from data mining to financial services. It is used by companies like YouTube, AstraZeneca, and Philips electronics.

It’s a great first programming language to learn because it is versatile and has many third party modules. This means you can find tools that help solve the problem.

Why do you think this course is so popular?

Students always immerse themselves in Python; they ‘think’ in Python; they ‘live’ in Python. This means they pick up new topics with amazing speed.

Our course respects campers’ own ambitions to play with, and take ownership of their projects whilst exploring this programming language. Coders can get straight into a problem without fear of getting something wrong. It’s about providing an atmosphere for learning, and I think the students really appreciate that.

And you can make whatever you want!

Many students have made text-based adventures; some have made functioning battleship games; others have just tinkered with pre-existing modules.

Fire Tech fosters a spirit for problem solving, tinkering, and exploring. This is the exciting thing about attending camp.

What would you say to someone considering a coding course?

Try it! It is the best course for learning transferable skills. When you’re on the course, don’t be hesitant! You’re going to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. But, programming is about the process of learning, not about having something in an instant.

What’s your best memory from the summer?

A student asked how to use a module for manipulating images. After giving just a brief introduction, he came back the next day with a program that converted frames from a video into a composite picture.

Why do you like teaching at Fire Tech Camp?

Fire Tech provides a lot of flexibility in both the teaching style and course curriculum. This means that there is no standard teaching day. Instead it is about supplementing learning with new topics to keep the coders interested and develop problem solving skills.

And the atmosphere is great. I’ve taught the Teen Coding and the advanced Python courses and each student has brought with them a different attitude and different learning style. There’s loads of teamwork but we also promote independent research.

Johannes is a physics student at Imperial College London. He uses Python to simulate models, analyse data, and plot graphs.

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