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Christmas gift guide for STEM curious kids

The world of gifts for a tech-savvy youngster can be like finding a needle in a haystack but don’t worry, we have you covered!  From hands-on electronics, robotics to problem-solving games, at Fire Tech, we believe the more inventive the better and we’ve got some fantastic Christmas gift ideas that fit the bill. 

During the holiday season, we want to ensure young people are making, getting creative, and most of all having fun with the whole family. Continue reading as we’ve rounded up the best STEM gifts to buy young people from ages 8 to 17 for Christmas 2020.

1. The Spy Pack (Ages 7-11) £24.99

This spy pack is different from any other story you may have read to your kids before! It is packed full of activities to help kids with coding, STEM, and learn about how computers work. Agent Asha brings to life the spy mission to help save the world and your child can be a part of it! The plot will keep them hooked to the end and it is a great way to spark their curiosity. Asha takes them through a series of challenges that they will help solve, unlocking clues along the way.

2. The new microbit (coming out in November!) (Ages 8-15) £15.56

Has your child ever come across a micro bit before? Well five million micro:bit are already used for teaching digital skills and computational thinking. This updated micro:bit coming out in November creates more opportunities to explore and be creative. The new sound features of sound sensing, sound-making, and touch are bound to be a massive hit! This can help aid your child’s understanding and development of new technologies in a fun way.

3. ThinkFun Gravity (Ages 8+) £40.39

If you want to really challenge your kids during the holiday seasons and get them thinking, this is the perfect puzzle. The cards are an exciting challenge to decipher and the maze is the perfect visual. 

The different levels of difficulty make it interesting for all ages. This game definitely promotes spatial and logical thinking through solving the various challenges. 

4. Tech Will Save Us Kits (Ages 4-11+) £19.99-£129.99

Tech Will Save Us is the perfect one-stop-shop to find gifts that promote STEM learning across a wide range of age ranges. It features some cool kits such as a Light Racer Kit creating a truly immersive experience with storytelling and step by step tutorials so your child can bring their story to life using colourful LED lights and 3D pop-up scenes. It also features a cool Gamer Kit for kids that helps them code their own handheld games. With plenty to choose from and free delivery in the UK and US, it’s definitely one to check out!

5. KORG littleBits synth kit (Ages 14+) £125.51

This powerful kit is perfect for all those budding rockstars out there! It has an easy to use modular synthesizer that can be easily explored and experimented with to create the perfect tune. It allows your child to make exciting new sounds and build their own modular instrument even if they have little or no engineering or musical knowledge. The kit contains a range of 12 electronic Bits that snap together with magnets to create circuits. The possibilities are endless with his gift making it very intuitive.

6. Discovering STEM: Newton’s Laws (Ages 8-16) £29.99

Science revision over the holidays? Well, how about having a go at exploring Newton’s Laws of Motion with this creative kit. It is a great way to spark an interest in science for your child or for others, test their knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Young learners will cover principles of inertia and momentum with this interactive kit and become the science gurus in the house! The same company sells loads of different kits on amazon as well, all based on discovering STEM. For example, they have inventor kits too, with one aged for kids 6-12 that lets you build 120 models all based around STEM, with a bit of a higher price of £69.99.

7. Tello Drone (Ages 14+) £99

Drones are one of the most popular gifts amongst children and for good reason. They are a great way to provide hours of endless fun for the whole family and expand knowledge in STEM skills. The box comes with all you need to get set up including an aircraft, four propellers, propeller guards, a battery, a propellor removal tool, and a micro USB cable. Flying safe and easy is the main priority and Tello does the trick! It’s industry-leading DJI flight tech with intuitive controls enables an incredible flight experience.

8. CanaKit Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (Ages 12+) £92

The exclusive Starter Kit from Canakit includes everything your child needs to get up and running within minutes in the exciting world of Raspberry Pi! With its multiple interfaces, it is the perfect tool to experiment with for example for computer control of electronics. The kit comes with easy to understand instructions. There are also many tutorial videos on YouTube, so if you have never had a Raspberry Pi they are easy to assemble and get going. It is sure to keep your child occupied for many a happy hour!

9. How to be a Maths-Whizz (Ages 7-9) £9.00

Written by Stemettes CEO & Founder Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE. This book will teach kids to think like maths pros as they ask mathematical questions and get hands-on with key maths concepts. From calculation and place value, to time, shapes, and measurements, core curriculum maths topics are covered in creative and engaging ways. See the Stemettes list of books for young girls and women interested in STEM subjects.

10. Fire Tech Online Courses (Ages 8-17) £10-£395

It wouldn’t be a Fire Tech gift guide if we didn’t include our own empowering and inspiring tech courses for young people. We’re offering many different types of courses from 1-hour experiences to week-long intensive courses. Try your hands at Video Game Design, code, and learn to use professional-level digital photography equipment. View courses or get in touch if you want to gift one for Christmas.






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