Fun with Engduinos!

Earlier this Autumn we met with a team at UCL who have been developing the Engduino. We are hardware enthusiasts and this is a great addition to the hardware quiver! We started using Arduinos last year with teens – the plain vanilla Arduinos are almost limitless in their potential – but they do require some […]


5-4-3-2-1 Launch!

Today we are launching the website for Fire Tech Camp! I hope that it’s clear and easy to use, and that it will communicate to you – both parents and to young people – just how excited we are about our new camp programme! Please have a look around to see our courses and to […]


Get Your Game On!

We all know that video games aren’t just fun, and occasionally even educational – they’re also big business. Already in 2009 video games were outselling films in Britain, a trend unlikely to have reversed since then. Today there was an article in the Wall Street Journal about one of my favourite video games, Minecraft. I […]



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