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Best Halloween Activities For Curious Tech-Loving Kids

This Halloween, give learning a bewitching twist with a fun activity for your tech-loving kids! From costume making to circuit building and engineering challenges, STEM pairs seamlessly with this spooky holiday – Halloween is the perfect time of year for young people to embrace their spooky and prankster selves.  1. Create an LED Halloween Costume […]

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5 Fun Ways To Entertain Kids During Lockdown Using Digital Tools

Many countries around the world are facing a second lockdown. In the UK, the second lockdown commenced earlier this month. That means family outings, children’s activities, and anything social is a no-go. It is a downer that Lockdown 2.0 is expected only to end early December with likely chances of an extension. Nonetheless, staying indoors […]

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Best virtual ideas for a fun, frightening, and safe socially distanced Halloween

October half-term and Halloween is fast approaching! There is no scarier thought than entertaining your kids during gloomy weather, whilst social distancing. Technology is great, Netflix and Youtube may be obvious choices, but we at Fire Tech are huge believers that not all screen time is created equal. Watching gaming videos on YouTube may be […]

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Best Apps to develop your Kids’ STEM skills over the holidays

We’ve put together ten of the best apps designed to develop your kids’ ‘Science Capital’, a now-popular term used to conceptually measure an individual’s exposure to and knowledge of science. Social and cultural experiences greatly affect young peoples’ aspirations and involvement in STEM. Nurturing kids’ interest in science is so important and that’s where, as […]

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Hellooooo wwwoooorld! Scary Ghouls and Thrilling Code

As Halloween flushes out skeletons, ghosts and witches, it’s time to dust off the cobwebs of existing code and re-purpose into bespoke, festive programs in celebration of All Hallows Eve. This year, ward off ancient spirits whilst also being eco-friendly. How? Well you’re reusing and recycling code! Software Developers are forever borrowing and mashing together […]

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10 ideas to nurture a nature-loving digital maker over the holidays

As the nights draw in during autumn, young people’s dedicated screen time generally increase as they spend more time indoors. Here’s a plethora of ideas to get your kids active, creative, hands-on as well as outdoors. Every parent has experienced failing to get their child’s attention, despite calling their name numerous times, lost as they […]




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