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Best Halloween Activities For Curious Tech-Loving Kids

This Halloween, give learning a bewitching twist with a fun activity for your tech-loving kids! From costume making to circuit building and engineering challenges, STEM pairs seamlessly with this spooky holiday – Halloween is the perfect time of year for young people to embrace their spooky and prankster selves. 

1. Create an LED Halloween Costume

Give a classic costume a techy DIY makeover! Watch the tutorial on how to create the coolest costume of the night. Don’t worry if you’re not an electronics-expert, these instructions are written for beginners so that you can hack trick or treating and make sure you don’t lose your child.


2. Build a light-up haunted house

​​Whilst you decorate your house this Halloween, your child could build their own light-up haunted house. Using basic circuits and spooky shapes, your child can decide what horrors go on behind these doors. From ghosts in the attic to cobwebbed windows, your child’s imagination is the limit!


3. Spider Web Engineering

Learn to build a spider’s web with simple tools. Become an awesome engineer and try out different designs! Play some awesome pranks and scare your family into thinking there’s a spider in their room. 


4. Make a spooky escape room

Why create a haunted house when you could make a haunted escape room. Create an ultimate escape room using spooky puzzles you make yourself. Scare your friends from their own homes as they try out your escape room. Find our more in this Fire Tech Experience.


5. Make your own trick or treat bag

Using a halloween bucket, some hot glue and battery powered LED lights, you can make the ultimate trick or treat bag. Make sure the houses you trick or treat at can clearly see where to put all the sweets you’ll be collecting by having a glowing bag! LED lights can also be glued onto material bags.


6. Make a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin 

Gone are the days where you had a basic jack-o-lantern outside your house. Create the coolest spookiest decorations that the kids will be raving about for the next week! Unleash your artistic skills and let everyone on your street know who has the best decorations.


7. Make your own spooky slime

Don’t just make any slime, make spooky slime. We found a great tutorial on how to make cool halloween slime which gives you the option to customise it however you want. From adding different colours, glitter or mini spiders, the possibilities are endless.


8. Make a squishy pumpkin light 

You can use it as a night light or put it on your windowsill to remind everyone you have the spookiest house. Create a spooky light with a simple circuit. Unleash your creativity and create a ghost with white foam for more squishy lights!


9. Make a voice-changing mask

You can have the coolest mask and take on a whole new identity down to a spooky voice! Pi-top takes you through the steps using Raspberry PI Zero. Check out their blog for other cool halloween coding fun such as making possessed portraits or pumpkins with moving eyes! 


We’d love to see what you end up making, creating and inventing! Share with us on on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.




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