What Is The Impact of Screen Time?

– 50% of young people think they are addicted to their devices. – 57% of adults feel that their teens spend too much time connected to their screens. – And 1/3 of families argue daily about screen time. Does this sound familiar? Maybe… But even if not, ‘Screenagers’ will inform you about the impact of […]


STEM is for creative AND analytical people.

Plan, invent, design, create. Test, tinker, fix. Evolve, grow, enhance. STEM subjects are vast and varied. They become increasingly necessary to prepare young people for the 21st century. This has been reflected in government reports concerning the need for more STEM graduates.  Xinny is our Python and Photography tutor. She describes how STEM subjects (science, […]


What’s an Arduino? – Josh explains

Our tutor Josh, a mechanical engineering student at Imperial College London, explains what’s involved on our Arduino course. What is an Arduino? The Arduino is a small electronics board that bridges the gap between electronics hardware and software. Building with Arduino combines creative, technology, and engineering skills. Sounds technical. How is it fun? Kids begin […]



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