AI Industry Expert Interview Series

Kids are making, coding and learning all about the hottest tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Fire Tech’s brand-new online courses Junior Adventures In Artificial Intelligence and Senior Adventures In Artificial Intelligence.

To spark interest and continue inspiring kids and teens, Fire Tech’s UK Country Manager Ed Halliday interviews three experts currently working in the AI industry.

1. Dr Pahini Pandya

Dr Pahini Pandya is the Founder & CEO of Panakeia Technologies a company developing technologies to make cancer-related deaths a history through single-step diagnosis and precision treatment.

We ask Pahini what her role involves, how the company use computer vision to diagnose cancer from tissue samples, her experience of being both an entrepreneur and academic working in AI as well as her advice for young people interested in tech and AI.

2. Colum Elliott-Kelly

Colum Elliott-Kelly is the Chief Strategy Officer at Filament AI, a company working mostly with with Non-Profit, Youth Mental Health, Medical and other organisations to provide AI digital transformations and processes.

We ask Colum about his role and examples of how his company has used AI and he explains why young people should be interested in AI and shares his advice on the importance of AI being a significant part of a young person’s education.

3. Justin Ibbett

Justin Ibbett is the Founder & CEO of FocalData, a company that uses AI for an end to end solution for understanding public opinion and moving people to action. They work mostly in political and survey data.

We ask Justin about how his company use AI and the benefits and achievements of this technology in the work they do, we ask him to share his background and journey into starting an AI start-up and his advice for young people looking into learning AI.

“AI will be the genre-defining technology shift of our generation. Understanding this tool is the essential skill to thrive in the world of the future.”

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