5 Reasons Kids Love Fire Tech’s Online Courses

This is Rose, one of our fantastic tutors who teaches our Video Game Design Online Course, and here she shares her experience teaching Fire Tech courses remotely.

Since the pandemic started, students all over the world had to embrace some form of distance learning. It has been tough for many families who have been left to navigate online education on their own. Not all parents have the time to home school their kids and not all kids are used to independent learning.

The challenge is that kids are craving for something more than PDF documents and a few YouTube tutorials. They want inspiration, fun hands-on activities, and meaningful conversation. These elements are hard to piece together on your own at home, which is why kids have been loving Fire Tech’s online courses. It is not about dry lectures on technology, it is real people learning together in real-time.

If you are on the lookout for brilliant learning experiences for your child, here are the top 5 reasons kids have loved their experience in our online courses:

1. It’s an interactive experience

Many of my students have mentioned they prefer learning in live classrooms. Students want to receive support instantly and Fire Tech online courses are taught in real-time. We create a participative experience by using digital tools like video calls, collaborative whiteboards, and screen sharing. My students always get excited to share with others and interact with the new learning environment. What better way to learn about technology than to use it?

Jayden said as he typed the words on to our collaborative virtual whiteboard:

2. New friends!

Kids all over the world are missing their friends and real human connection has been a big part of why kids are enjoying themselves on the courses. In between lessons, they would introduce their pets, talk about the posters in their room or just show their colourful personalities.

Yes, we all miss hanging out face-to-face but the great thing about learning online is we all have the power to teleport. We have students join us from many different locations. Kids who join our Fire Tech courses might bump into their school mate or meet a new friend from France. At the end of the course, we are all good friends and it is really wonderful to have a front-row seat to the beginning of a new friendship.

Tristan waved energetically from his room in Sweden:

3. Exciting topics and conversations

Kids are naturally curious and want to learn new things. I love to prompt conversations that help them understand the world around us. During our course, we might look at examples of how modern companies use robots in their work or wonder how Pac Man got its shape. Conversations like these help kids develop soft-skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and communication. Fire Tech has various online courses available, they are guaranteed to discover useful hard skills for their futures as well.

I challenged the class during a discussion.

4. Learn through play

Kids love our courses because they know they are learning through play. Activities, games, and breaks are scheduled into the day. My students get especially excited for Kahoot quizzes and Pictionary. I also like to include sunshine with breaks and movement activities to make sure students do not sit for long periods.

Kids can also design their own games on Fire Tech courses like Video Game Design, Coding With Java, Minecraft Maker or Making Multi-Player Games with Roblox.

Elliot used his creativity when I requested everyone to find the tiniest thing in their room as part of our remote scavenger hunt game:

5. A masterpiece to take home

Everyone graduates from Fire Tech with something tangible that they created. Fire Tech has a project-based pedagogy. Kids learn how to use the tools together and have the freedom to use the tools to create their own worlds. In our Video Game Design Course, students build their own plat-former games. At the end of the course they would have coded their own story-lines into a few levels of game play.

I get excited about project presentations on the final day. Listening to brilliant ideas and watching that sense of achievement is the best part of the course. Both parent and child leave with something to be proud of.

Rudy smiled as he shared the story and details of his game design with the class:

About Rose:
Rose graduated with BA (Hons) in Media and Communication from Oxford Brookes University and MSc Innovation from the University of Bristol. She has been facilitating fun learning experiences for young people for about 7 years. Currently, she teaches Junior Coder and Video Game Design at Fire Tech. Connect with her here.