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5 DIY Christmas Tech Activities & Gifts To Make At Home

This holiday season, we got our crafty tech experts to work to design these fun DIY Christmas activities and gift ideas that you can make with family and friends at home. These are designed for ages 8 to 17 and have been categorised into skill levels rated by this icon.

1. Virtual Christmas Card designed with Scratch

Design your own virtual Christmas card to send to family and friends using Scratch. You make one yourself by following along with these instructions and check out the final project we made here.

2. Micro:Bit Tree Decoration

Want to decorate your Christmas tree? Ever thought about doing it with tech? This project will show you how to use your Micro:Bit to create a tree decoration. Download the project here.

3. Adobe Photoshop Family Portrait

For this Adobe Photoshop Portrait, first of all, download our picture of a snowglobe, or feel free to take or choose your own. Next off find a picture of family members or friends that you want to put inside. Watch how to create this now and/or download the project instructions.

4. Minecraft Santa Grotto

To create this Minecraft Santa Grotto there are four main parts to the build:

  1. Santas house
  2. Workshop for the elves
  3. Santas sled
  4. The Christmas tree
  5. Decorations!

Top Tip: Build along by downloading the instructions here as well as watching the time-lapse video!

5. Raspberry Pi Santa Detector

This project will take you through step-by-step on how to make your own Santa Detector using a Raspberry Pi. You’ll make a version that flashes an LED (a special type of light we can use in a circuit) once Santa is detected by a motion sensor. In the end, we’ll also suggest ways of taking the project further. Download the project.

Time to get making! Don’t forget to tag @FireTechCamp on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as we’d love to see what you make.

From all of us at Fire Tech, we hope you have a very enjoyable and techy holiday season with family and friends.



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