5 Benefits To Learning Python Programming

Python is one of the most popular languages in both industry, research, and many other creative fields and is an incredibly fantastic and easy language to get started with! Python is taught at GCSE, A-Level, and at University, so learning Python early on will give your child a head start academically and to support future career opportunities!

1. Python is taught at schools and universities

Python is taught at schools throughout both GCSEs and A-Levels, and is taught at a higher level at University! By learning Python early on, you will grasp the challenging concepts and be able to push even further when met with projects and challenges throughout your studies! Learn Python to get ahead at school and your future career!

2. Python is a low-level language (more ‘human-like’)

High level languages like Python are really nice and easy for humans to understand, and all the awkward binary language the computer needs is handled by Python’s interpreter! Because of the way code is written in python and interpreted, it is also much easier and quicker to spot mistakes! This makes ‘debugging’ (the process of getting rid of tricky errors!) and solving complex problems more efficiently and manageable!  

3. Python makes use of object-oriented programming

Python is also an object-oriented programming language! Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a very useful computer programming model, where the programs are designed around creating and handling ‘objects’. These objects can have different attributes and behaviours, which can be used over and over, using special methods called ‘inheritance’ and ‘polymorphism’. This means programs can be designed in a very organised and clean way, reducing the need for repeated code. This is very important when software developers are working on large, complex and collaborative projects.

4. Python has lots of functionality

Python has lots of useful ‘libraries’ and ‘frameworks’ which are like little extensions containing ‘ready-made’ code that you can use to add more functionality to your programs! This is really useful for many different types of projects, such as in web-development, machine learning, data science, computation vision and even making games! Python is also ‘cross-platform’, meaning you can make python programs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers!

5. Used lots in industry, and can support your child’s career

Not only is Python intrinsically brilliant! But it is also worth learning Python because it is used in so many applications, not only for software developers, but so many more! For example, science, engineering, and many areas of research! In addition to this, Python is a really good one to start with, as schools and universities use it in their courses, so the likelihood of your python skills being used again is very high! 

Learn Python with Fire Tech

Whether you’re a beginner or wanting to dive deeper into your Python knowledge and skills, we have four different courses for ages 9 to 17. Junior Python is for 9 to 12-year-olds and Teen Coding with Python, Teen Coding with Python II, and Teen Coding with Python – Build Amazing Projects for teens aged 13 to 17.

About Fire Tech

Fire Tech’s mission is to give young people the tools and inspiration to become the tech creators, makers, and leaders of the future. We have delivered over 80,000 learning experiences to young people across the world. Courses include Python & Java coding, AI, game design, and digital media production. Each workshop is designed to teach young people future skills such as design thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. All of our programmes are taught by tech-savvy teachers from some of the UK’s leading universities. 

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