11 Reasons to join Fire Tech this summer

Summer is here at last! The sun is shining and, after months inside, lockdown restrictions are easing. That means that Fire Tech summer camps are here, ready to give you a summer to remember!

So, if you’re still wondering whether to use these months to explore and create with tech on a Fire Tech course, consider these important reasons to register.

1. Create a summer to remember

This summer is going to be different in so many ways. Your summer plans might have changed, but we want to keep children creating and having fun – even if they’re not on the beach.

Our tech courses will help our students make these holidays creative, productive and fun. Students will create their very-own tech projects to share proudly with family and friends. They will be building new worlds in virtual reality, designing new video games, learning how artificial intelligence works or creating their very own music tracks and YouTube channels. 

2. Learn with the UK’s no.1

Fire Tech are developing the next generation of young innovators through inspiring online courses on the tech topics that are changing the world. Since 2013, we have helped over 55,000 young people across the world to create and explore by creating video games, building chatbots, supporting the elderly through AI devices, and designing apps to support NHS workers during the pandemic.

There’s a reason we’re the UK’s number 1 provider of tech courses for kids – we are experts at what we do. We develop our courses with experts from computer science and the academic community; we recruit and train tutors from the UK’s leading universities like Cambridge and Imperial; and we partner with some of the UK’s most innovative companies like Amazon, ARM Holdings and Nesta to increase the impact of our work.

We hear from countless parents about how much fun their children had on our courses, and the positive impact on their lives in and out of school. And it’s not just families who love what we do. This year, Fire Tech were shortlisted as top-10 Tech Company of the Year at the National Technology Awards and PIEoneer of the Year in education. 

3. Celebrate & share your creativity

All summer, we are recognising young people’s creativity with technology. We’re running ‘Maker Mondays’ workshops every fortnight throughout the summer to invite young people to create, learn and win prizes.

On our courses, students put their newfound skills into practice by creating a project, giving them an opportunity to learn hands-on and let their creativity flourish.  Everyone graduates from Fire Tech with something tangible that they created. Kids learn how to use the tools together and have the freedom to use the tools to create their own worlds, meaning both parent and child leave with something to be proud of. At the end of the week, we invite parents to see what they’ve created at a ‘grand finale’ where students present the projects they’re so proud of. We love these moments!

Already this year, our students have already designed AI models that try to detect COVID-19 patients, created virtual worlds to discover extinct wildlife, and built their own YouTube cooking channels to inspire others.

When your child joins a Fire Tech course this summer, they stand the chance of winning both public recognition and prizes to brag about to their friends! At the end of the summer, we’re celebrating the achievements of these young people in our first-ever ‘Young Creators Awards’. 

4. Take time off for mum and dad

Summer flies by: juggling work with planning trips and securing seasonal child care. When kids are out of school, we know that you’ll need a break too. Our courses, led by DBS-checked tutors, offer your children a productive, entertaining way to spend their time while giving you the time off you deserve.

While your son or daughter is meeting new friends, enjoying fun games and learning exciting new tech topics, you can sit back and enjoy a little peace and quiet. Our students end the week reporting how much fun they’ve had, and how much their skills and confidence have grown!

5. Bringing Tech education for everyone

At Fire Tech, we are conscious that STEM education is not as inclusive as it should be. We believe that every child deserves access to quality tech education. That’s why we work with partners like Amazon, Arm and Nesta to reach tens of thousands of students who may not have had the opportunity to explore with technology otherwise. 

We have committed to increasing the number of girls participating in our tech courses, and To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, Arm and Fire Tech joined forces to close STEM’s gender gap by offering AI workshops to over a thousand young students across the UK. We are also a collaborating partner on PwC UKs #TechSheCan campaign to inspire young women to realise their true potential and close the gender gap in tech.

Each year, we also reserve 10% of our course seats for underprivileged students, and offer part- or fully-funded course places to these young people to make tech education more inclusive.

6. Be inspired by the latest curriculum

No more boring tech topics. We’re proud of the innovation behind our course curriculum and, each year, we develop a whole range of new topics for our students to learn. This year, students can be inspired by artificial intelligence (for juniors and seniors) and learn a whole range of topics on their own terms on our brand-new self-guided courses

From virtual reality to Python, from video game design to Java, from design with Adobe to producing music with Ableton, our team of education experts loves bringing the latest technology to our students and inspiring them with what’s possible.

7. Learn from a tutor you’ll love

Remember that teacher that inspired you at school? At Fire Tech, we know that the right tutor can inspire your life in a whole new direction. That’s why we recruit our tutors from the UK’s leading universities and train them to be expert tech educators.

Design engineers from Imperial. Robotics innovators from King’s College London. AI researchers from the University of Cambridge. Our tutors bring  knowledge, enthusiasm and fun each day to give your child the edge – at school, and beyond.

They’re not just experts in their topics; they love what they do! They bring their energy, enthusiasm and fun each day at camp, and our students love them – tutors receive a 94% average rating from our students. Meet some of our inspiring tutors here.

8. Use the summer to get ahead

Research shows that students lose up to 3 months of maths and literacy skills over the summer. That’s why using these months in a productive and creative way are vital – and we aim to fit a year’s worth of computer science education into just one week. Our students tell us about their bold plans for the future as roboticists, researchers at MIT or quantum computing experts – and we’re proud of our role in supporting that journey.

This is not school. At Fire Tech, students learn the topics that aren’t available in the school classroom, helping to put them a step ahead of their friends as they prepare for the digital future. So, avoid the summer slide: instead of a long, unproductive summer, we teach new skills. We encourage students to solve problems, take risks and develop their own, new creative ideas. Twice as many students say the are confident or very confident in their tech skills by the end of the course. 

9. Share learning with new friends

Kids all over the world are missing their friends and real human connection has been a big part of why kids are enjoying themselves on the courses. In between lessons, they would introduce their pets, talk about the posters in their room or just show their colourful personalities.

There’s a reason our students come back to Fire Tech. Since 2013, we’ve worked with over 55,000 kids and teens across the world, and become part of our international community of young innovators. They may be stuck at home, but our students often make new friends on our courses – like Olivia, who made a lasting friend in Evie on our recent AI course! Hear her story here.

Another great thing about learning online with Fire Tech is that you can meet people from across the world. We have students join us from many different locations. Kids who join our Fire Tech courses might bump into their school mate or meet a new friend from France. At the end of the course, we are all good friends and it is really wonderful to have a front-row seat to the beginning of a new friendship.

10. Light a fire with tech

We all know how important tech skills are – both now and in the future. But many students don’t connect their love of tech in games and creativity with their own potential, in STEM-related fields and beyond. 

Children may spend hours on their favourite hobbies – mastering a video game, improving their technique at tennis, or learning to play a musical instrument. However, we rarely see this level of obsession with schoolwork. 

At Fire Tech, we give students ownership of their learning, and let them create using the tech they love, to help inspire new trajectories in their lives. Our courses include the latest software like Adobe, Ableton, Teachable Machine, IBM Watson, and CoSpaces, and we make sure we relate our course material to the real world, so our students can take their new passion forward into the future.

11. More than another online course

At Fire Tech, we take time to nurture an exciting online course culture to make sure your child has an experience to remember. 

Parents tell us how different the Fire tech learning experience is to other online courses. Many of my students have mentioned they prefer learning in live classrooms. Students want to receive support instantly and Fire Tech online courses are taught in real-time. We create a participative experience by using digital tools like video calls, collaborative whiteboards, and screen sharing. Students always get excited to share with others and interact with the new learning environment. What better way to learn about technology than to use it?

Kids love our courses because they know they are learning through play. Activities, games, and breaks are scheduled into the day. Our students love Kahoot quizzes and Pictionary. We also like to include sunshine with breaks and movement activities to make sure students do not sit for long periods.

What’s more, our courses have a real impact on students’ learning: 93% recommend  our courses, and twice as many students report feeling confident with technology by the end of the programme. 

Find the right course for you

Fire Tech’s online summer courses are available on all your favourite topics, from artificial intelligence and Python, to video game design and augmented and virtual reality.For a short time only, get 20% with code FIRE20.

Build your own video game, brush up on your Python coding skills, perfect your digital photography skills, and dive deep into artificial intelligence. To find out more about our courses, visit our website here or call our team on 020 3950 7310.



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